Aida, Radames, Act 1

  1. Ramphis/Fra breve un messo Recherà il ver.

    Eng: Soon a messenger will tell us more.
    La sacra Iside consultasti?

    Eng: The sacred Isis has been consulted?
  2. Ramphis/Ella ha nomato Del l'Egizie falan{gi
    Il} condottier supremo.

    Eng: she has named of the Egyptian army the supreme leader.
    Oh lui felice!

    Eng: What a fortunate person.
  3. Ramphis/Giovane e pro{de è} desso — Ora, del Nume Re{co i} decre{ti al} Re.

    Eng: Young and brave is he. Now, from god I take the decree to the king.
    Se quel guerrier Io fossi!

    Eng: If that warrior I was!
  4. Se quel guerrier Io fossi!
    {se il} mio sogno {Si av}verasse!

    Eng: If/then my dream will come true.
  5. {se il} mio sogno {Si av}verasse!
    Un esercito di prodi Da me guidato

    Eng: an army of the brave, by me lead.
  6. Un esercito di prodi Da me guidato
    e la vittoria

    Eng: and the victory
  7. e la vittoria
    {e il} plauso Di Menfi tutta!

    Eng: and the applause of all Memphis!
  8. {e il} plauso Di Menfi tutta!
    {E a} te, mia dol{ce A}ida,

    Eng: and to you, my sweet Aida
  9. {E a} te, mia dol{ce A}ida,
    Tornar di lauri cinto

    Eng: return with laurels crowned.
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Aida, Radames, Act 1
Aida, Radames, Act 1