1. What are contract verbs?
    Verbs whose stems end in alpha, epsilon, or omicron. The final vowel is called the “contract vowel.” When the final stem vowel comes into contact with the connecting vowel, the two vowels contract.
  2. Why is it important to the rules of contraction?
    Because you need to be able to figure out what vowels led to a certain contraction in order to discover the lexical form of the verb and thus its meaning.
  3. What 2 tenses do contractions appear in?
    The present and the imperfect.
  4. What are rules 1-5 of the Rules of Contraction?
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  5. What is Rules of Contraction #6?
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  6. What are numbers 7 and 8 of the Rules of Contraction?
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  7. What is one indicator that a contraction has taken place?
    A circumflex will always be over the contracted vowels in the present indicative.
  8. The lexicons will show the contract vowel (agapaw) But how does it actually appear in the text?
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