1. Highlight
    • 1.Основной момент, основной факт
    • 2.Световое пятно, блик, световой эффект

    • Имя существительное
    • an outstanding part of an event or period of time."he views that season as the highlight of his career"

    Синонимы: high point, best part, climax, peak, pinnacle, height, acme, zenith, summit, crowning moment, high-water mark, centerpiece, wow factor, X factor

    a bright or reflective area in a painting, picture, or design."This forms a striking demonstration of that paradox of oil painting whereby the thickest impasto captures the most fleeting highlights ."
  2. Highlight
    • Выдвигать на первый план
    • Придавать большое значение
    • Ярко освещать

    • Глагол
    • pick out and emphasize."the issues highlighted by the report"

    Синонимы: spotlight, call attention to, point out, single out, focus on, underline, feature, play up, show up, bring out, accentuate, accent, give prominence to, zero in on, stress, emphasize
  3. Types of Presentation
    • Oral Abstract
    • Moderated Poster
    • Рoster
  4. Oral Abstract
    Original presentations will be given orally in a lecture room with two experts chairing each session
  5. Moderated Poster
    Discuss your findings with experts in the topic!

    Consist of a visual display of research highlights. The posters considered to be of special interest will be integrated into the Moderated Posters Sessions.

    Selected presenters will briefly discuss the content of their poster with two moderators in front of an appreciative audience
  6. Poster
    The perfect opportunity to network and share your research findings with an appreciative audience, especially  during the Coffee Break.

    Consist of a visual display of research highlights presented in the form of a poster.

    During the coffee break, Presenters should be available by their posters to meet colleagues and exchange knowledge
  7. Achievements
    Достижения, успех

    Синонимы: attainment, realization, accomplishment, fulfillment, implementation, execution, performance, conclusion, completion, close, consummation; accomplishment, attainment, feat, performance, undertaking, act, action, deed, effort, exploit, success, triumph, work, handiwork
  8. insight
    • Понимание
    • Проницательность

    The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing."this paper is alive with sympathetic insight into Shakespeare"

    Cинонимы: intuition, discernment, perception, awareness, understanding, comprehension, apprehension, appreciation, penetration, acumen, perspicacity, judgment, acuity, vision, wisdom, prescience
  9. Conference Proceedings
    Abstracts & Symposium Publications

    Тезисы и материалы конференций
  10. Alert
    Уведомление, сигнал тревоги
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