Infectious Dz

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  1. Infectious Diarrhea
    Organism and Tx
    • Giardia: Metro, tinidazole
    • Cryptosporidiosis: (CD4 <100) treat underlying AIDS, nitazoxanide
    • Viral: fluid support as needed
    • B. cereus, Staphylococcus: fluid support as needed
  2. Hepatitis
    • Worst in pregnancy, esp among Pt from E Asia: Hep E
    • Sex, blood, perinatal (parenternal): Hep B, C, D
    • Food and Water (enteric): Hep A and E; You Ate hep A; you Eat hep E
  3. Hepatitis
    • if PT signif elevated: incr likelihood of mortality
    • 1st abn sign after Hep B infxn: Surface Ag
    • Meas of actual viral particles: Surface Ag
    • Meas of body's response to the infection: Bili, ALT, and Ab production
    • Most directly correlate with amnt, quant, of active viral replication: e-Ag (directly correl w degree of DNA polymerase, only present w high lvl of DNA pol activ)
    • Sign that active infxn has resolved: no surface Ag
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