Osvaldo science aug 2014

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  1. what is MOTION
    • the process of changing place or position.
    • can be voluntary or involuntary.
  2. what is TRAJECTORY
    the route an object follows
  3. what is UNIFORM MOTION
    motion that is always CONSTANT
    nonstop change of position of a body so that every particle follows a straight line.

    also called linear motion
  5. rectilinear motion
    straight-line motion
  6. circular motion
    a body that moves in a circular orbit
  7. parabolic motion
    part of the motion is horizontal and part is vertical
  8. elliptical motion
    the motion of planets around the sun
  9. irregular motion
    no specific or predictable path
  10. measurement of length, and symbol
    meter, m
  11. measurement of mass
    kilogram, kg
  12. measurement of time
    second, s
  13. measurement of electric current
    Ampere, A
  14. measurement of temperature
    Kelvin, k
  15. measurement of light intensity
    Candela, cd
  16. measurement of amount of substance
    Mole, mol
  17. What is FORCE
    Any influence that causes changes on an object
  18. what are the 4 elements of FORCE
    • * Application point
    • *Direction
    • *Side (2 opposites)
    • *Absolute value = intensity
  19. 4 fundamental Forces
    • *gravity (always attactive)
    • *electromagentism (+ve and -ve)
    • *weak force (radioactive decay)
    • *strong force (quarks in neutrons and protons)
  20. what is WEIGHT
    gravitational force of the earth. it depends on location.
  21. What is WORK
    When force is applied on an object and it moves.
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