Cantonese verbs – body parts: Sample Sentences

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  1. seung2 hui3 tai2 hei3 想去睇戲
    want to go to see a movie
  2. lam2 dak1 gwoh3 諗得過
    considered worth doing
  3. tai2 m6 chut1 睇唔出
    don’t realize from the appearance of something
  4. mong5 yuen4 geng3 望遠鏡
  5. joi3 gin3 再見
    goodbye (we’ll meet again)
  6. bong1 ngoh4 gap4 jue5 kui4 幫我?住佢
    help me keep an eye on him/her
  7. san1 man6 新聞
  8. teng1 yam1 ngok5 聽音樂
    listen to music
  9. sik5 ji5 gei2 食自己
    do it yourself
  10. yam2 sik5 yip5 飲食業
    food and catering industry
  11. chui1 sui2 吹水
    chat, talk nonsense
  12. sei2 ngau4 m6 fong3 死咬唔放
    won’t let go (when attacking someone)
  13. gong2 goo2 jai2 講故仔
    tell a story
  14. duk5 sue1 讀書
    read a book, study
  15. giu3 gai1 叫雞
    call prostitute
  16. laau4 gaau1 鬧交
  17. ling1 jue5 拎住
    holding (using your hand)
  18. loh2 lei4 meng5 攞你命
    kill you (take your life!)
  19. daai3 maai6 lo4 poh6 帶埋老婆
    bring also your wife
  20. gui2 chung4 舉重
    weigh lift
  21. deng3 bo1 掟㷛
    break up
  22. boon1 uk1 搬屋
    move (your living place)
  23. juk1 chaak2 捉賊
    catch a robber or thief
  24. jip3 boh1 接波
    catch or receive the ball
  25. da2 gaau1 打交
  26. ji2 jue5 指住
    pointing at
  27. moh2 sau2 moh2 geuk3 摸手摸腳
    physically harrass
  28. wan2 gung1 搵工
    look for a job
  29. tui1 hoi1 推開
    push away, push open
  30. laai1 lin2 拉鏈
  31. che2 foh2 扯火
    get really mad
  32. mang1 baak5 tau6 faat3 ??白頭髮
    plucking white hair
  33. haang6 gaai1 行街
    walk around on the street
  34. jau2 si1 走私
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Cantonese verbs – body parts: Sample Sentences
In this lesson, you will learn some Cantonese verbs associated with some common body parts, such as brain, eyes, nose, ear, mouth, hands, and legs. There are examples showing Cantonese phrases that contain these Cantonese verbs. Let me remind you that the same Chinese character is often used differently in Cantonese than in Mandarin. Also, most Cantonese phrases are not understood by Mandarin speakers simply because Mandarin is a language that is totally different from Cantonese, just like English and Spanish.
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