CSC607 Security in Computing

  1. What is meant by the CIA of computer security?
    Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
  2. What 3 things must a malicious attacker possess to be successful?

    Clue:  MOM
    • 1. Method
    • 2. Opportunity
    • 3. Motive
  3. Computer related systems have both ___________  and  ___________ weaknesses.
    Computer related systems have both theoretical and real weaknesses.
  4. A Trojan Horse is;

    D) A program that overly does one thing while covertly doing another
  5. An Information Leak is;

    D) In a program: code that makes information accessible to unauthorized people or programs
  6. A Trapdoor is;

    B) A program that has a secret entry point
Card Set
CSC607 Security in Computing
This course examines the use of security vulnerabilities and threats in computer programs, operating systems, networks, and databases. The use of cryptography and other countermeasures to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability is then evaluated in depth, from the perspectives of both technical effectiveness and ethics of users and developers.