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  1. Where was hitler born?
  2. When was hitler born?
    April 20th 1889
  3. What was his mother and fathers names?
    Alois and Klara Hitler
  4. What did Hitler always want to be?
    A painter.
  5. What religion was Hitler?
  6. Where was the first place Hitler moved to?
  7. When did Hitler move to Vienna?
  8. Why did Hitler move to Vienna?
    because he wanted to go to the Vienna Academy of The Arts.
  9. How many times was hitler rejected from the Vienna Academy of the Arts?
  10. When and how did Klara Hitler die?
    She died when Hitler was 18. It was 1907. She died of Breast Cancer.
  11. Where was Hitler when he became homeless?
  12. Was Hitler a brave soldier?
  13. What was Hitlers job in the war?
    He was a messenger.
  14. How did Hitler feel towards the Treaty of Versailles?
    He was angry at the Jews and the government for signing the Treaty and was humiliated by it.
  15. After the war he stayed in the army, who was he asked to spy on?
    The Nazi's.
  16. Why did people join the Nazi party?
    Because they related to Hitlers disappointment.
  17. What was Hitler famous with the people for?
    His speeches.
  18. What was it called when he tried to overthrow the government?
    The Beer-hall Putsch.
  19. when was the Beer-hall Putsch?
    November 8, 1923.
  20. Was the Beer-hall Putsch successful?
    No it was a fail.
  21. What was Hitler tried for when he went to prison?
  22. How many years was Hitler given in prison and how many did he actually serve?
    5 years and he only served 8 months.
  23. What does Mein Kampf mean?
    My struggle.
  24. What was Mein Kampf?
    It was the book Hitler dictated while he was in prison.
  25. When was the German Workers party formed?
  26. What did Hitler blame?
    • The allies.
    • The treaty and those who signed it.
    • the communists
    • the jews.
  27. What did the German Workers party rename itself in 1920?
    The nationalist Socialist German workers Party (Nazis)
  28. What did Hitler say in Mein Kampf?
    • The Fuhrer Principle: The nazi party needed one leader. Him
    • Strong Government: country needs full obedience of Fuhrer.
    • Reichstag Principle: get elected then destroy system from within.
    • Master Race: Great german race superior to others.
    • Anti- semitism: inferiority and evil jew has to be removed.
    • Land: Right to take over land around the world because the master race needs living space.
  29. How many points did the German workers party come up with?
  30. In 1923 how much did the Nazi party members grow to?
    From 6,00 memberships to 55,000
  31. What is a marxist?
    Communist and a socialist
  32. What are the SS?
    Hitlers personal unit.
  33. What are the SA?
    The Nazi party police.
  34. What was the master race?
    Aryans. Blonde hair blue eyed.
  35. What happened as a result of the Munich Putsch?
    • Trial: Hitler was put on trial and was given a short prison sentence.
    • Mein Kampf: Hitler dictated Mein Kampf while in prison.
    • Stratergy: hitler realised he wouldn't gain power by rebellion but he had to be elected instead.
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