GRE Vocab

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  1. banal
    commonplace; trite
  2. gainsay
    to deny; dispute; oppose
  3. aberrant
    deviating from what is normal
  4. abeyance
    temporary inactivity, suppression, or suspension
  5. abscond
    depart secretly
  6. abstemious
    moderate in appetite
  7. admonish
    v. to caution or reprimand
  8. aesthetic
    relating to beauty or art
  9. aggregate
    adj. amounting to a whole; total
  10. alacrity
    cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed
  11. amalgamate
    v. to combine into a unified whole
  12. ambiguous
    adj. unclear or doubtful in meaning
  13. ambivalence
    the state of having conflicting emotional attitudes
  14. ameliorate
  15. anachronism
    not in correct historical time
  16. analogous
  17. anomalous
    irregular; deviating from the norm
  18. antipathy
    dislike; hostility
  19. apprise
    to inform
  20. approbation
    praise; approval
  21. appropriate
    v. to take possession for ones own use; confiscate
  22. artless
    guileless; lacking art, knowledge, or skill
  23. ascetic
    one who practices self denial
  24. assiduous
    diligent; hardworking
  25. assuage
    to make less sever
  26. attenuate
    to weaken
  27. audacious
    bold; daring
  28. austere
    stern; unadorned
  29. autonomous
  30. aver
    affirm; declare to be true
  31. belie
    to contradict; misrepresent; give a false impression
  32. beneficent
    kindly; doing good
  33. bombastic
    pompous; using inflated language
  34. boorish
    rude, insensitive
  35. burgeon
    to flourish
  36. burnish
    to polish
  37. buttress
    to reinforce; support
  38. cacophonous
    unpleasant or harsh sounding
  39. capricious
  40. castigation
    punishment; chastisement; criticism
  41. catalyst
    something causing change
  42. causality
    involving a cause
  43. chicanery
    trickery; fraud
  44. coagulate
    thicken; congeal
  45. coda
    concluding part of a literary or musical composition; something that summarizes or concludes
  46. commensurate
  47. compendium
    brief, comprehensive summary
  48. complaisant
    overly polite; willing to please; obliging
  49. conciliatory
    overcoming distrust or hostility
  50. confound
    to baffle; perplex; mix–up
  51. connoisseur
    a person possessing expert knowledge or training; a person of informed or discriminating tastecontention n. assertion
  52. contention
  53. contentious
    quarrelsome; causing quarrels
  54. conundrum
    riddle; puzzle with no solution
  55. conventional
    customary; commonplace
  56. convoluted
    twisted; complicated
  57. craven
  58. decorum
    proper behavior
  59. deference
    respect; regard for another's wish
  60. delineate
    to represent or depict
  61. denigrate
    to slur someones reputation
  62. derivative
    something derived; unoriginal
  63. desiccate
    to dry completely
  64. desultory
    random; disconnected; rambling
  65. diatribe
    bitter verbal attack
  66. dichotomy
    division into two usually contradictory parts
  67. diffidence
    shyness; lack of confidence
  68. diffuse
    to spread out
  69. digression
    act of straying from the main point
  70. dirge
    funeral hymn
  71. disabuse
    to free from a misconception
  72. discerning
    perceptive; exhibiting keen insight and good judgement
  73. discordant
    not in tune
  74. discredit
    to dishonor; disgrace; cause to be doubted
  75. discrepancy
    difference between
  76. discrete
    constituting a separate thing; distinct
  77. disingenuous
    not candid; crafty
  78. disinterested
    unprejudiced; objective
  79. disjointed
    lacking order or coherence; dislocated
  80. dismiss
    put away from consideration; reject
  81. disparage
    to belittle
  82. disparate
  83. dissemble
    to pretend; disguise ones motive
  84. disseminate
    to spread; scatter; disperse
  85. dissolution
    disintegration; debauchery
  86. dissonance
    discord; lack of harmony
  87. distend
    to expand; swell out
  88. distill
    extract the essential elements
  89. doctrinaire
    relating to a person who cannot compromise about points of a theory or doctrine; dogmatic; unyielding
  90. dogmatic
    stating opinions without proof; opinionated; impractical theorist
  91. dupe
    to deceive; trick
  92. ebullient
    exhilarated; enthusiastic
  93. eclectic
    selecting from various sources
  94. efficacy
    efficiency; effectiveness
  95. effrontery
    shameless boldness; presumptuousness
  96. elegy
    a poem or song expressing lamentation
  97. elicit
    to provoke; draw out
  98. embellish
    to adorn; decorate; enhance; make more attractive by adding details
  99. empirical
    derived from observation or experiment
  100. emulate
    to imitate; copy
  101. endemic
    inherent; belonging to an area
  102. enervate
    to weaken
  103. engender
    to cause; produce
  104. ephemeral
    short–lived; fleeting
  105. equanimity
    composure; calmness
  106. equivocate
    to intentionally use vague language
  107. erudite
    learned; scholarly
  108. esoteric
    hard to understand; known only to a few
  109. eulogy
    a high praise, especially of a person who has recently died
  110. euphemism
    use of agreeable or inoffensive language in place of unpleasant or offensive language
  111. exacerbate
    to aggravate; make worse
  112. exculpate
    to clear of blame; vindicate
  113. exigency
    crisis; urgent requirements
  114. extraneous
    not essential
  115. facetious
  116. facilitate
    to make less difficult
  117. fallacious
    based on a false idea or fact; misleading
  118. fatuous
    foolishly self–satisfied
  119. fawning
    seeking favor by flattery
  120. felicitous
    suitably expressed; appropriate; well–chosen
  121. flag
    to droop; grow weak
  122. fledgling
    beginner; novice
  123. flout
    to treat scornfully
  124. foment
    to incite; arouse
  125. forestall
    to prevent; delay
  126. frugality
  127. garrulous
    very talkative; wordy
  128. goad
    to prod; urge on
  129. gouge
    to tear out; scoop out; overcharge
  130. grandiloquent
    pompous; bombastic
  131. gregarious
  132. guileless
    free of cunning or deceit; artless
  133. gullible
    easily deceived
  134. harangue
    long pompous speech; tirade
  135. homogeneous
    composed of identical parts; uniform in composition
  136. hyperbole
    purposeful exaggeration for effect
  137. iconoclastic
    attacking cherished traditions
  138. idolatry
    idol worship; blind or excessive devotion
  139. immutable
  140. impair
    to damage; injure
  141. impassive
    showing no emotion; calm; serene
  142. impede
    to hinder; block
  143. impermeable
    impossible to penetrate
  144. imperturbable
    not easily disturbed
  145. impervious
    impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected
  146. implacable
    inflexible; incapable of being pleased
  147. implicit
    implied; understood but not stated
  148. implode
    to collapse inward violenty
  149. inadvertently
    carelessly; unintentionally
  150. inchoate
    imperfectly formed or formulated
  151. incongruity
    state of not fitting
  152. inconsequential
    insignificant; unimportant
  153. incorporate
    to introduce something into another thing already in existence; combine
  154. indeterminate
    uncertain; indefinite
  155. indigence
  156. indolent
    habitually lazy; idle
  157. inert
    unable to move; sluggish
  158. ingenuous
    naive and trusting; lacking sophistication
  159. inherent
    firmly established by nature or habit
  160. innocuous
  161. insensible
    unconscious; unresponsive
  162. insinuate
    to suggest; say indirectly; imply
  163. insipid
    lacking in flavor; dull
  164. insularity
    narrow–mindedness; isolation
  165. intractable
    not easily managed
  166. intransigence
    stubbornness; refusal to compromise
  167. inundate
    to cover with water; to overwhelm
  168. inured
    hardened; accustomed; used to
  169. invective
    verbal abuse
  170. irascible
    easily angered
  171. irresolute
    unsure of how to act; weak
  172. laconic
    using few words
  173. lassitude
    lethargy; sluggishness
  174. laud
    to praise
  175. lethargic
  176. levee
    an embankment that prevents a river from overflowing
  177. levity
    light manner or attitude
  178. log
    record of a voyage or daily activities
  179. loquacious
  180. lucid
    bright; clear; intelligible
  181. magnanimity
    generosity; nobility
  182. malinger
    to feign illness to escape duty
  183. malleable
    capable of being shaped by pounding; impressionable
  184. maverick
    lone dissenter
  185. mendacious
  186. metamorphosis
    change; transformation
  187. meticulous
    very careful; fastidious
  188. misanthrope
    one who hates humanity
  189. mitigate
    to cause to become less harsh, severe, or painful; alleviate
  190. mollify
  191. morose
    ill–humored; sullen
  192. mundane
    pertaining to this world rather than the spiritual; concerned with the ordinary
  193. negate
    to cancel out; nullify
  194. neophyte
    novice; beginner
  195. obdurate
  196. obsequious
    overly submissive
  197. obviate
    to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
  198. occlude
    to shut; block
  199. officious
    too helpful; meddlesome
  200. onerous
  201. opprobrium
    disgrace; contempt
  202. oscillate
    to move back and forth
  203. ostentatious
    showy; trying to attract attention; pretentious
  204. paragon
    model of excellence or perfection
  205. partisan
    one–sided;committed to a party, group, or cause; prejudiced
  206. pathological
    departing from normal condition
  207. paucity
  208. pedantic
    showing off learning
  209. penchant
  210. penury
    extreme poverty
  211. perennial
    present throughout the years; persistent
  212. perfidious
    faithless; disloyal; untrustworthy
  213. perfunctory
    superficial; not thorough; performed really as a duty
  214. permeable
  215. pervasive
    spread throughout every part
  216. phlegmatic
    calm in temperament; sluggish
  217. piety
  218. placate
    to lessen another's anger; to pacify
  219. plasticity
    condition of being able to be shaped or formed; pliability
  220. platitude
    stale, overused expression
  221. plethora
    excess; overabundance
  222. plummet
    to fall; plunge
  223. pragmatic
  224. precarious
  225. precipitate
    • v. to cause to happen; to throw down from a height
    • adj. rash; hasty; sudden
  226. precursor
    forerunner; predecessor
  227. presumptuous
    rude; improperly bold
  228. prevaricate
    to quibble, evade the truth
  229. pristine
    untouched; uncorrupted
  230. probity
    honesty; high–mindedness
  231. problematic
    posing a problem; doubtful; unsettled
  232. prodigal
    wasteful; extravagant; lavish
  233. proliferate
    to increase rapidly
  234. propensity
    inclination; tendency
  235. propitiate
    to win over; appease
  236. propriety
    correct conduct; fitness
  237. proscribe
    to condemn; forbid; outlaw
  238. pungent
    strong or sharp in smell and taste; penetrating; caustic
  239. qualified
    limited; restricted
  240. quibble
    to argue over insignificant and irrelevant details
  241. quiescent
    inactive; still
  242. rarefied
  243. recalcitrant
    resisting authority or control
  244. recant
    to retract a statement or opinion
  245. recondite
    abstruse; profound
  246. refractory
    stubborn; unmanageable;resisting ordinary methods of treatment
  247. refute
    to contradict; to disprove
  248. relegate
    to confine to an inferior position
  249. reproach
    to find fault with; to blame
  250. reprobate
    morally unprincipled person
  251. repudiate
    reject as having no authority
  252. rescind
    to cancel
  253. resolution
    determination; resolve
  254. reticent
    not speaking freely; reserved; reluctant
  255. reverent
    expressing deep respect; worshipful
  256. sage
  257. salubrious
  258. sanction
    to approve; ratify; permit
  259. satiate
    to satisfy
  260. saturate
    to soak thoroughly; imbue throughout
  261. secrete
    to produce and release substance into organism
  262. shard
    a piece of broken glass or pottery
  263. skeptic
    one who doubts
  264. solicitous
    attentive; eager; concerned
  265. soporific
    sleep producing
  266. specious
    seeming to be logical and sound, but not really so
  267. spectrum
    band of colors produced when sunlight passes through a prism; a broad range of related ideas or objects
  268. sporadic
  269. stigma
    mark of disgrace or inferiority
  270. stint
    to be sparing; period of time spent doing something
  271. stipulate
    to specify as an essential condition
  272. stolid
    having or showing little emotion
  273. striated
    marked with thin narrow grooves or channels
  274. strut
    to swagger; display to impress others
  275. subpoena
    notice ordering someone to appear in court
  276. substantiate
    to support with proof or evidence
  277. supersede
    to replace, especially to displace as inferior or antiquated
  278. supposition
    the act of assuming to be true or real
  279. tacit
    silently understood; implied
  280. tangential
    peripheral; digressing
  281. tenuous
    weak; insubstantial
  282. tirade
    long, violent speech, verbal assualt
  283. torpor
    lethargy; dormancy; sluggishness
  284. tortuous
    having many twists and turns; highly complex
  285. tractable
    obedient; yielding
  286. transgression
    act of of trespassing or violating a law or rule
  287. truculence
    aggressiveness; ferocity
  288. vacillate
    to waver; oscillate
  289. venerate
    to adore; honor; respect
  290. veracious
    truthful; accurate
  291. verbose
  292. viable
    practicable; capable of developing
  293. viscous
    thick, syrupy, and sticky
  294. vituperative
    • adj. using or containing harsh, abusive censure
    • v. vituberate
  295. volatile
    tending to vary frequently; fickle
  296. warranted
  297. wary
    careful; cautious
  298. welter
    to wallow or roll; toss about; be in turmoil
  299. whimsical
    fanciful; unpredictable
  300. zealot
    one who is fanatically devoted to a cause
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