Terms and Signs for Intermediate Rudiments exam

  1. accelerando, accel.
    becoming quicker
  2. alla, all'
    in the manner of
  3. animato
    lively, animated
  4. assai
    much, very much (for example, allegro assai: very fast)
  5. ben, bene
    well (for example, ben marcato: well marked)
  6. brillante
  7. col, coll', colla, colle
    with (for example, coll'ottava: with added octave
  8. con
  9. con brio
    with vigor or spirit
  10. con espressione
    with expression
  11. con moto
    with movement
  12. e, ed
  13. espressivo, espress.
    expressive, with expression
  14. fortepiano, Image Upload 1
    loud, then suddenly soft
  15. grave
    slow and solemn
  16. leggiero
    light, nimble, quick
  17. loco
    return to normal register
  18. ma
    but (for example, ma non troppo: but not too much)
  19. meno
  20. meno mosso
    less movement, slower
  21. M.M.
    metronome marking
  22. molto
    much, very
  23. non
  24. non troppo
    not too much
  25. più
  26. più mosso
    more movement, quicker
  27. poco
  28. poca a poco
    little by little
  29. quasi
    almost, as if
  30. rubato
    a flexible tempo using slight variations of speed to enhance musical expression
  31. sempre
    always, continuously
  32. senza
  33. spiritoso
  34. tenuto
    held, sustained
  35. tranquillo
    quiet, tranquil
  36. tre corde
    three strings; release the left piano pedal
  37. troppo
    too much
  38. una corda
    one string; depress the left piano pedal
  39. vivace
    lively, brisk
  40. a tempo
    return to the original tempo
  41. adagio
    a slow tempo (slower than andante, but not as slow as largo)
  42. alegretto
    fairly fast (a little slower than allegro)
  43. allegro
  44. andante
    moderately slow, at a walking pace
  45. andantino
    a little faster than andante
  46. cantabile
    in a singing style
  47. con pedale, con ped.
    with pedal
  48. crescendo, cresc.
    becoming louder
  49. da capo, D.C.
    from the begining
  50. D.C. al Fine
    repeate from the beginning and end at Fine
  51. decrescendo, decresc.
    becoming softer
  52. diminuendo, dim.
    becoming softer
  53. dolce
    sweet, gentle
  54. fine
    the end
  55. forte, Image Upload 2
  56. fortissimo, Image Upload 3
    very loud
  57. grazioso
  58. larghetto
    not as slow as largo
  59. largo
    very slow
  60. legato
  61. lento
  62. maestoso
  63. mano destra, M.D.
    right hand
  64. mano sinistra, M.S.
    left hand
  65. marcato, marc.
    marked or stressed
  66. mezzo forte, Image Upload 4
    moderately loud
  67. mezzo piano, Image Upload 5
    moderately soft
  68. moderato
    at a moderate tempo
  69. ottava, 8va
    the interval of an octave
  70. pedale, ped.
  71. pianissimo, Image Upload 6
    very soft
  72. piano, Image Upload 7
  73. prestissimo
    as fast as possible
  74. presto
    very fast
  75. rallentardo, rall.
    slowing down
  76. ritardando, rit.
    slowing down gradually
  77. staccato
  78. tempo
    speed at which music is performed
  79. Tempo primo (Tempo 1)
    return to the original tempo
  80. tenuto
    held, sustained
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