PCOM Points4 Final Sinew pathology

  1. Small toe, heel, joints, back or sides of spine, difficulty bending forward, raise arm, supracalvicular fossa, rotation of neck.
    UB sinew
  2. Plantar, bone spurs, all bi syndrome, back, epilepsy, convulsion, difficulty bending forward and backward, degenerate bone and joints.
    KD Sinew
  3. Chest pain, Lung qi stagnation causing phlegm heat, mass at hypochondriac region, fever, rebellious qi
    PC Sinew
  4. Curling or contracting of the tongue
    SJ sinew
  5. Later knee, pulling of the popliteal fossa referring to thigh and sacrum, pulling of the sacral referring to hypondriac, lift spasm leading to inability to open right eye, paralysis of left side due to injury to right temporal.
    GB Sinew
  6. MEdial knee, medial malleoulus, external genital (Damp heat, damp cold, heat)
    Liver Sinew
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PCOM Points4 Final Sinew pathology
Sinew Pathology