Treaty Of Versailles

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  1. When was the Treaty Of Versailles signed?
    June 1919
  2. When did WW1 end?
    November 11 1918.
  3. Who were the big four? and which countries did they represent?
    • Woodrow Wilson: USA
    • David Lloyd-George: Great Britain
    • Georges Clemenceau: France
    • Vittorio Orlando: Italy
  4. Out of the big Four who was the least important?
    Vittorio Orlando: Italy
  5. What were the 5 things that needed to be addressed in the Treaty of Versailles?
    • T: Territory
    • R: Reparations
    • A: Armaments
    • W: War Guilt
    • L: League of Nations
  6. What were the 5 things that needed to be addressed with the territory?
    • S: Saar. Which was rich iron producing area; industrial heart of germany.
    • C: Colonies. These were colonies found in Africa.
    • R: Rhineland. Which was the border between France and Germany.
    • A: Alsace Lorraine. This was taken from France in 1870.
    • P: Polish Corridor. This would give Poland access to sea but split Germany in two sections.
  7. What is a diktat?
    A dictated peace.
  8. Who was Germany forbidden to unite with?
  9. How much money did Germany have to repay?
    Every penny of damage she has caused. 4.5 hundred billion.
  10. What was the size of the army that was allowed in Germany as part of Armaments?
    • Planes: 0
    • Warships: 6
    • Soldiers: 100,000
    • Conscription was banned.
  11. How much war guilt did Germany have to take?
    They had to accept all the blame
  12. What was the function of the league of nations?
    To enforce the peace treaties and to keep Germany under control.
  13. Who was allowed to be a member of the league of nations?
    The USSR and Germany were not allowed to join.
  14. Who ended up with the Saar?
  15. What happened with the colonies?
    Make them 'mandates'- divide them between the winners, who rule them under supervision of the League.
  16. What happened to the Rhineland?
    Make it 'Mandate' of the league, under French control.
  17. What happened to Alsace-Lorraine?
    It was returned to France.
  18. What happened with the Polish Corridor?
    it was given to Poland and allowed the country access to the sea.
  19. Who was the most happy after the Treaty of Versailles- in terms of the big four?
    George Clemenceau (France).
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