4.1 Agency Organizational Description

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  1. A ____________ is a subordinate organizational component w/in the agency and is commanded by a major or chief deputy
  2. A ___________ is a subordinate organizational component w/in a division and is commanded by a captain.
  3. A __________ is the principle subordinate organizational component w/in a bureau or district, and is suspended by a LT/Administrator.
  4. A ____________ is the principle subordinate organizational component w/in a section and is supervised by a SGT/Supervisor w/the exception or designated components.
  5. The _______________ is the chief executive officer of the Sarasota Co Sheriffs office.
  6. The _________ reports directly to the Sheriff. The ____________ is in command of the agency and acts as sheriff in all regards during the Sherriff's absence.
    • Chief deputy
    • Chief deputy
  7. Each member shall be accountable to only one _______ at any given time.
  8. No component of the agency shall have more than _______ in direct command at the same time.
    one person
  9. Supervisors are responsible for acting in __________ requiring immediate supervisory attention.
    Emergency Situations
  10. The organizational components w/in the personal span of control of the sheriff shall be grouped by__________.
  11. By _______________ of each year, agency B/C's vir their division majors shall submit to the sheriff a detailed program of proposed goals and objectives for the next fiscal year.
    December 15th
  12. By ______________ of each year, the goals & objectives for the agency and for each component shall be compiled and made available to all agency members.
    February 1st.
  13. 5.1 Sheriff and Staff authority
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  14. The _____ cannot shift this responsibility to any other individual.
  15. Each subordinate supervisor will be responsible for all ________.
    Accomplishments or failures
  16. The duties of the sheriff include____________.
    • Planning
    • Organizing
    • Directing
    • Coordinating all S.O. Functions
  17. The Sheriff may assign, detain, or transfer any employee of the S.O. whenever such action is _______________.
    In the best interests of the organization.
  18. ________________ are expected to assure personal command of any serious emergency situation, major catastrophe or major crime scene.
    Staff Members
  19. The Sheriff will appoint a ___________ to act in his/her capacity or absence who will be responsible for command of office operations and remain available at all times.
    Duty officer
  20. It is the responsibility of the _____________ to apprise the Sheriff of all matters requiring attention and/or action.
  21. The _______ is any person having charge of any section subsection squad shift of other such unit will be considered a __________.
    • Supervisor
    • Supervisor
  22. All orders issued by the Sheriff to subordinate employees will be issued through the ___________ except under conditions calling for direct action.
    Chain of command
  23. 5.2 Supervisors Responsibility  and Authority
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  24. _________________ will initial proposals for change in policy or S.O. operations and will solicit ideas from tier subordinates.
  25. A major responsibilities of a supervisor is the ________________ of his or her subordinates.
  26. Super are to take a personal not a _________ interest in their subordinates.
  27. A Dep. of junior rank may take command of a situation by identifying self and announcing intent to the dep. then in charge, only when such dep. is __________.
    Unable to perform his/her duties due to some physical or mental condition.
  28. Whenever supervisors of equal rank are present at the scene of an incident the super. w/_________.
    more time in rank will assume command.
  29. Employees will be required to take direct orders from and be accountable to __________.
    only one supervisor at any given time.
  30. Supervising employees shall exercise direct command over sub. outside their units where the ______________.
    Purpose or reputation of the S. O. may be jeopardized.
  31. When members of 2 or more organizational components are involved in an incident, the ranking member present from the organizational component responsible for _____________ shall assume responsibility  and take command of the investigation.
    The follow up investigation and/or conclusion of the case.
  32. When an incident is Bi-Jurisdictional a ___________ will be established using the above standard from both jurisdictions.
    A unified command
  33. Supervisors must win the support of their employees by ________________.
    Proper interpretation of policies and procedures
  34. Senior officers will assume command only under one or more of the following:
    • 1. when any situation appears to be beyond the control of the deputy then in change.
    • 2. if jurisdiction is concurrent w/particular day
    • 3. For disciplinary purposes
    • 4. if ordered to assume command by another superior officer.
  35. A super exercising leadership ability issues verbal orders w/o resorting to______________.
    authoritarian control
  36. A ranking officer shall immediately report any policy incident of a serious nature to__________.
    his/her immediate supervisior
  37. 5.3 Written directive system
    new section...
  38. Members are permitted to recommend ___,______, or _______ of any G.O. or written directive.
    • Purging
    • Updating
    • Revising
  39. The _______ will prepare in sufficient numbers the correct G.O's to be distributed along w/loose leaf supplement.
    Quarter master
  40. Each ________ will also prepare the distribution control log.
    Bureau, Section, Unit
  41. Bureau manuals will be reviewed _________ and approved by the B.C.
  42. Policy and/or procedure can be temp. revised by memo prior to the issuance of an updated G.O. w/approval by ________.
    The Sehriff
  43. Each G.O. shall be reviewed at least __________.
    once a year
  44. All bureau policies and Procedures shall be reviewed at least _________.
    once a year
  45. ___________ is issued when minor changes are made to a general order.
    temporary change order
  46. ____________ will be printed in their entirety and distributed as they become effective.
    newly created G.O's or those w/major, significant changes.
  47. Each manual will be numbered and a record maintained for ____________. __________ shall be responsible for the issuance and reissuance of manuals w/proper signature receipts for each manual.
    Quarter Master
  48. The G.O. manual is the property of the SSO and considered to be valued at __________.
  49. G.O.'s may be formulated at any __________.
    level of the organization
  50. ___________ are permanent written directes issued by the sheriff relating to a specific matter affecting the sheriffs office.
    _______ shall have the sole authority to issue a G.O.
    General orders

    The Sheriff
  51. _____________ are written directives stating methods and procedures to be followed by all members, units and sections w/in the issuing Bureau.
    Bureau Policy and Procedure/Bureau orders manual.
  52. __________ are a compilation of specific procedures methods, conduct, and activities that are either prohibited by  or regulated through the sheriff from which no deviation is permitted.
    Disciplinary standards
  53. ____________ is correspondence of a general or informational nature, which can be generated by any member.
  54. Manuals will be surrendered by individuals whose employment is interrupted by a leave of absence of more than __________.
    30 days.
  55. Each __________ will also prepare the distribution control log.
    Bureau, Section, Unit
  56. When the entire GO manual is re-printed, the ____________ will be incorporated into the most current edition.
    Temporary Changes
  57. When a minor change is made to a GO, a ____________ or __________ will be issued.
    temp change order or memorandum
  58. 5.4 Official agency correspondence
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  59. The nuances of policy as interpreted by the sheriff and his staff in inter and intra office correspondence and written communication w/business, industry social and civil orb. and members of the public must be shared. To that end, a correspondence ______________ is established.
    Daily read file
  60. All official incoming correspondence will be acted upon promptly if unable to reply w/in a reasonable time, ____________.
    Acknowledgment of receipt and an explanation of the delay must be made in writing, and directed to the person making the inquiry.
  61. The daily read file will be under the direct control of _________________.
    Adm. assistants for each bureau/section/unit.
  62. Correspondence not meeting the specified criteria shall be forwarded to the appropriate ______________ for a decision if doubt exists.
    Major unit commander
  63. Employee mail trays shall be checked _________ and kept cleaned out.
  64. The use of _______________ by S.O. members is encouraged as a method of conducting official business.
  65. Members are advised that they do not maintain any ______________ in emd equipment or it's content.
    right to privacy
  66. ___________ email is not public record and may be deleted as the author deems appropriate.
  67. Employees shall not utilize the SSO provided internet for more than ________________.
    minimum personal use
  68. __________ messages do not set policy, establish guidelines or procedures, certify a transaction, or become a receipt.
    transitory messages
  69. __________ are those records which document or set official policies actions decision or transactions and are for the perpetuation or formulation of knowledge.
    non- transitory messages.
  70. Personnel may make off duty use of agency computers for ____________.
    Professional and career development purposes.
  71. 5.6 Telecommunicating policy
    next section.
  72. Long distance calls shall be placed for _________ only.

    Consideration shall be given to the use of the ______ when possible.
    Authorized Business only

    Teletype system
  73. Use of facsimile machines is limited to __________.

    Personal use that is of ________, and w/the B. C. approval is authorized.
    official business only

    no cost to the agency
  74. Use of agency mobile phones is limited to _________, unless an ____________ exists.
    Official Business only

  75. To promote safe vehicle operation, no person shall operate an agency motor vehicle upon a public highway while using a mobile telephone when ________.

    Unless engaging in an ___________.
    such vehicle is in motion

    emergency call
  76. Employees receiving an unlawful order shall/will ____________.
    Report the incident in writting through channels, to the sheriff.
  77. Any employee given an order which is ___________ need not obey such an unlawful order.
    contrary to federal or state law.
  78. Circumventing the chain of command:
    • a. due to an emergency
    • b. no satisfaction form immediate super.
    • c. sub has reason to believe super is involved in unlawful or immoral conduct
    • d. sub believes they have been given an unlawful order.
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