G.O. 31.1 Public Info procedure

  1. Supervisory Personnel will notify the M.L.O of the following:
    (8 items, HINT HNABMRSDO)
    • 1. Homicides  kidnapping and/or robbery of financial investments.
    • 2. Natural or manmade disasters resulting in loss if life.
    • 3. Aircraft accidents; traffic accident with family
    • 4. Bomb plants or threats where a device is found.
    • 5. Missing person under 12 or foul play suspected.
    • 6. raids, demonstrations, strikes, disorders, involving groups
    • 7. shootings, stabbing by citizens or Leo's
    • 8. deaths by other than natural causes
    • 9. other unusual occurrences.
  2. If an agency member is off-Duty and is asked to respond to any news media requests involving S.O. related incident he is____________
    Permitted to respond if he chooses to respond.
  3. Routine media inquiries will be handled by the M.L.O. but may be handled by the ______________ when M.L.O is temporarily unavailable.
    watch commander
  4. Public Info and communication is a direct responsibility of______________.
    Management personnel
  5. When the M.L.O is unavailable the _____________ will respond to news media reps requests for info.
    on duty watch commander
  6. No employee will guarantee to any victim or reporting party ____________________.
    that a reported case will not receive publicity
  7. The S.O. is not required to release active ____________ or _____________ that is exempt or confidential related to ongoing investigations.
    Criminal Investigative or intelligence info.
  8. Personal info pertaining to _____________ shall not be disclosed or released.
    Victims of sexual battery
  9. News reps are not to be considered the same as the general public in the area of a crime scene but rather as ______________.
    Persons to be accommodated so that they may fulfill their task.
  10. If a reqyuest is made by the news meda reps to enter a building or part thereof, and such entry is not precluded because of policy related purposes, news reps must obtain permission from _______________.
    The owner of other person in charge of the building or dwelling.
  11. A Fire related incidents the decision to allow property identified reporters and photographers to pass beyond the fire lines or to restrict them from the fire area will be the responsibility of ___________.
    the on scene fire commander
  12. Photographing of any individual in custody may not be authorized _________.
    Photographing of prisoners outside the building is permitted, however, _____________.
    Photographing of uncovered bodies will be done at the disretion of _____________.
    Within the confines of the S.O. building.

    Prisoners will not be posed for photographs.

    News media who will assume full responsibility for any such photographs or film.
  13. Photographing S.O related incidents, including motor vehicle accidents, accident injuries and uncovered bodies will be at the discretion of __________.
    The news media, provided the process does not interfere w/rescue personnel or the investigation.
  14. Agency members are not required to honor any news media requests involving S.O. Related incidents while ______________.
    off duty.
  15. After the M.L.O's normal working hours, the media rep may call the _____________ to obtain a synopsis of a major incident.
    on duty watch commander
  16. All personnel should understand it is standard media policy that any and all conversation w/a rep of the news media is _________________ and is subject to being quoted.
    on the record.
  17. The decision not to release info or documentation about a particular crime or incident or the name of a victim or reporting party must be made by the ____________.
    B.C. or designee in conjunction with the office of the general counsel.
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