lines 201-296

  1. το ἐπικρανον
    a head-dress/covering
  2. ἀφελ᾽
    take off! take from!
  3. ἀμπετασον (ἀμπεταννυμι)
    spread out!
  4. τον βοστρυχον
    a lock of hair
  5. του ληματος
    will, desire
  6. δροσεραι (ος  α  ον)
    dewy, watery
  7. της κρηνιδος
    a spring
  8. καθαρων (ος  α  ον)
    clean, spotless
  9. τo πωμ᾽
  10. ἀρυσαιμαν (ἀρυω)
    I would draw
  11. ταις αἰγειροις
    black poplars
  12. τῳ κομητῃ
    something long-haired; leafy, grassy
  13. κλιθεισ᾽(κλινω)
    having been rested/leant/supported
  14. ἀναπαυσαιμαν
    I would stop
  15. τῳ ὀχλῳ
    a crowd
  16. γηρυσῃ (γηρυω)
    you say
  17. ἐποχον (ος  ον)
    borne/mounted on
  18. της/τας πευκας
  19. στειβουσι (στειβω)
    they tread
  20. βαλιαις (ος  α  ον)
    dappled, spotted
  21. ἐγχριμπτομεναι
    bringing/coming near to
  22. θωυξαι (θωυσσω)
    to make a noise/shout
  23. την χαιταν
    loose, flowing hair
  24. τον ὁρπακ᾽
    a shoot, sapling; javelin
  25. ἐπιλογχον (ος  ον)
  26. κηραινεις (κηραινω)
    you are anxious/sick at heart
  27. των κυνηγεσιων
    the hunts
  28. ἡ μελετη
    a care
  29. tων νασμων
    anything flowing; the flow(?)
  30. ἡ/τας κλειτυς
    slope(s), hillside(s)
  31. συνεχης  ες
    adjacent, hard by
  32. ἱπποκρυτων (ος  ον)
    sounding with the footfalls of horses
  33. τοις δαπεδοις
  34. τοις πωλουσ᾽
  35. δαμαλιζομενα
  36. παραφρων (adj)
  37. τον ποθον
    a longing
  38. ἐστελλου
    you prepared
  39. ταις ψαμαθοις
    sands of the seashore
  40. ἀκυμαντοις (adj)
    not washed by waves
  41. τας μαντειας
  42. ἀνασπειραζει
    pull back, draw aside
  43. παρακοπτει
    drive mad
  44. παρεπλαγχθην (παραπλαζω)
    I/they was/were drawn from the right way
  45. ἐμανην (μαινομαι)
    I/they was/were enraged, mad
  46. ἡ μαια
  47. των ὀσσων
    the two eyes
  48. τετραπται
    it is turned
  49. ὀδυναι
    it causes pain
  50. το ὀρθασθαι γνωμην
    to be in my right mind
  51. κρατει (κρατω)
    it is strong/powerful
  52. καλυψει (καλυπτω)
    it will cover
  53. ὁ βιοτος
  54. μετριας (αdj)
    within measure, moderate
  55. ἀνακιρνασθαι
    to mix
  56. ἀκρον
    top, uppermost, foremost
  57. το μυελον
  58. εὐλυτα (adj)
  59. το στεργηθρα
    love charms
  60. ὠσασθαι (ὠθεω)
    to push (away)
  61. ξυντειναι
    to strain, draw tight
  62. ὠδινειν
    to be in great pain (of labour)
  63. ὑπεραλγω
    feel pain; grieve exceedingly
  64. ἀτρεκεις (ης  ες)
    real, true; strict
  65. αἱ ἐπιτηδευσεις
    a pursuit
  66. λιαν
    • adv
    • very, too much
  67. ἡσσον (comp)
  68. ἐπαιν(ε)ω
    approve/agree; praise; advise
  69. ξυμφησουσι (συμφημι)
    they will approve/agree
  70. ἀσημα (adj)
    without sign; unseen/heard of
  71. των πηματων
    affairs; troubles
  72. ἀσθενει (ἀσθενεω)
    be weak
  73. κατεξανται (καταξαινω)
    it is worn away
  74. την ἀποστασιν
  75. ἐξαρκει (ἐξαρκεω)
    • + dat
    • it is satisfying to
  76. τῳ ποσει
  77. τεκμαιρεται
    perceive, conclude
  78. τον πλανον
    a wandering, straying
  79. εἰ παντα ἀφιγμαι (ἀφικνεομαι)
    to try everything
  80. εἰργασμαι
    Ι δο
  81. ἀνησω (ἀνιημι)
    I shall relax, let alone
  82. ξυμμαρτυρῃς (συμμαρτυρεω)
    you bear witness
  83. πεφυκα (φυω)
    I am
  84. παροιθε
    • αdv
    • before
  85. ἀμφω
  86. ἡδιων (ἡδυς  υια  υ)
    more pelasant
  87. ὁπηι
    • adv
    • by which
  88. εἱπομην (ἑπομαι)
    Ι was following
  89. ἀπορρητων (adj)
    forbidden, unspeakable
  90. συγκαθισταναι
    to settle, manage
  91. ἐκφορος  ον
    to be made known
  92. τους/τας ἀρσενας
    people, men
  93. μηνυθηι (μηνυω)
    it was revealed
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