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    • what does UPS stand for
    • uninterruptible power supply
  1. what is the UPS use for
    prevent blackouts, brownouts, sags, and surges from reaching the computer and other valuable electronic equipment
  2. what kind of cable is used for communication between the UPS and the DMS
    serial cable
  3. what port does the UPS use
    COM port
  4. what provides a measurable increase in aircraft material readiness through reduced maintenance turnaround times and improved supply response time, is achieved by meeting the following objectives
    the overall goal of the OOMA program
  5. what file does OOMA DMS use to establish communication with other servers
    SQL.ini file
  6. what utility is used to update and make entries to the SQL.ini file
    • the directory services editor
    • DSEdit
  7. what command is used to open directory services editor
  8. what protocol is utilized
  9. what is the interface between the squadron's OOMA DMS and the supporting IMA/MALS 0@I OOMA DMS allows logsets to pass between the two servers
    O@I interface
  10. what is the port number
  11. what tier is the interface between OOMA and the Mid-Tier allows up-line replication to the Top-Tier
    mid-tier interface
  12. what must be entered in network address
    ip address and port number
  13. what is the purpose of the mid-tier interface
    • allows up line replication
    • allows baseline managers to push TD
  14. who must you contact after analyzing the start of a suspected problem of a corrupted database
  15. the errors reported in what files
  16. when contacting SPAWARSYSCEN what must you be perpared to discuss about
    • when the problem was first noticed
    • is the problem isolated to a single user or all users
    • when (exact date and time) was the last database backup to tape performed prior to noticing the problem
    • how much maintenance has been performed since noticing this problem
  17. where is the SQL.ini file located at
  18. how many minutes are required for reconstruction of a failed drive per GB
    15 minutes
  19. what actions must be taken if a 1779 POST On self test message displays
    press F2 to re-enable the logical drives
  20. what is HP ML370 (G5) servers equipped with in addition to the RAID 5 fault tolerant configuration
    online spare
  21. what ways can system operators recongnized potential drive failure
    • if the online LED of the replacement drive stops blinking
    • the placement drive fails during automatic data recovery
    • the replacement drive is producing un-recoverable disk errors
  22. what version of sybase open client is to be installed
  23. what utility is used to configure sybase to connect to the OOMA DMS
  24. sybase open client configuration is used for what
    to configure sybase to connect to the OOMA server
  25. what does RDBMS stand for
    relational database management system
  26. what is a program that lets you create, update, and administer a relational database
  27. in what year and by who was a relational database created
    • 1970
    • E.F. Codd at IBM
  28. what is a collection of data items organized as a set of formally-described tables from which data can be accessed or reassembled in many different ways without having to reorganize the database tables
    relational database
  29. what does SQL stand for
    structured query language
  30. what is a standard interactive and programming language for interacting, getting infromation from, and updating a realtional database
  31. what is a tool for organizing, manging, and retrieving data stored in a database
  32. what is a utility in the NTCSS environment that enables you to create customized queries to meet the application's requirements
    Ad Hoc
  33. what are the Ad Hoc queries modes
    normal expert
  34. what architecture is utilized by sybase
  35. what version does sybase SQL server use
  36. what are the different types of clients
    • sybase
    • java apples
  37. what are the two families of products to enable customers to write client and server application programs that sybase provides
    • open client
    • open server
  38. what is open client
    • provides customer applications
    • third-party products
    • other sybase products with the interfaces nedded to communicate with adaptive server and open server
    • also can be thought of as comprising two components, programming interfaces and network services
  39. what is open server
    • provides the tools and interfaces needed to create custom servers
    • like open client, open server consists of an interfaces component and network services component
  40. what is a graphical management tool within sybase that provides a common interface for monitoring adaptive servers and replication servers
    sybase central
  41. what windows operating system does sybase central run on
    microsoft windows 2003
  42. what update SQL.ini file
    directory services editor
  43. what does ADW stand for
    aviation data warehouse
  44. where does ADW collection data from
    NALCOMIS data collection system
  45. what does the NALCOMIS data collection system consist of
    • foundation tier
    • mid tier
    • top tier
    • wholesale foundation tier
  46. what tier is located at O-level, I-level, and D-level maintenance activities
    foundation tier
  47. what does SHARP stand for
    sierra hotel advanced readiness program
  48. which tier provides temporary storage of data
    mid tier
  49. which tier is the up-line link to the COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR-6.8.4) ADW repository
    top tier
  50. what are logsets
    logsets are NALCOMIS electronic logbooks
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