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    • what is the speed of the front side bus for the ML370G3 server
    • 533MHz
  1. what is the maximum amount of memory that can be installed in the ML370G3 server
  2. what is the maximum internal hot plug storage ultra3 ready
  3. what is the speed of the intel Xeon processors installed in the ML370G3 server
    dual 2.8 GHz
  4. what is the significance of the UID LED flashing blue
    system activated
  5. what is the rear unit identifiaction LED switch LED when blue on, blue flashing, and off
    • the switch is activated
    • the system is being monitored remotely
    • the switch is deactivated
  6. how many power supplies does the ML370G3 server support
  7. what does PPM stand for
    processor power module
  8. where is the primary and secondary power supplies located
    primary is on the bottom and the secondary is on the top
  9. what is the compaq proliant ML370G3 chassis is what
    5U for both rack and tower models
  10. how many fans does the ML370G3 support
    3 primary and 3 redundant hot plug system fans
  11. what does iLO stand for
    integrates lights out
  12. what port allows for remote control to the server regardless of the operating system state
    iLO management port
  13. how much memory is installed on the system board
    4GB of PC2100 advanced DDR SDRAM
  14. what types of RAID does the Smart array 642 controller support
    • RAID 0
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 1+0
    • RAID 5
  15. what speeds does the installed NIC support
  16. what is the DLT tape drive specs
    • 40GB uncompressed data capacity
    • 80GB compressed data capacity
    • mounted in the second and third media bays
  17. what are an integral part of database administration, especially if disaster recovery or restoration of database or files is needed
    database backups
  18. where and when are the OOMA database backed up to
    • j:\h\NTCSS\_APP\DATA\oma_dbdumps
    • each day at 0030
  19. what is the command to verify scheduled tasks
  20. what must be running in order for these automatic backups to occur as scheduled
    the sybase backup server
  21. database backups are performed interactively, so users don't have to do what
    log off applications
  22. what is the another name for backup
    dump files
  23. backup of the entire j:\ drive is done daily and before what
    system modifications or maintenance
  24. the daily backup of j:\ drive is used as what
    on site backup
  25. what is the on-site library consists of a minimum of how many backups
  26. how many and what will the weekly backup be used as
    • 1 or 2
    • off-site backup
  27. what is the location of the "strtdump.bat" file
    j:\h\NTCSS_APP\DATA\oma_dbdumps folder
  28. when should database dumps be performed
    daily and weekly
  29. what file is used to perform database backups and where is it located at
    • strtdump.bat
    • j:\h\NTCSS_APP\BIN
  30. what file is used to perform database backup to tape and where is it located at
    • J_backup.bat
    • J:\h\OMASRV\bin
  31. how long does it take for a tape to be read and cataloged
    10 minutes
  32. when performing database backup to DVD instead of using J_backup.bat what is used instead
    • j:\h\NTCSS_APPSRV\data\oma_dbdumps\
    • j:\h\OMASRV\data\transfer\
    • j:\Sybase\ini
  33. what is the minimum number of media tapes\DVD needed
  34. how often should the tapes approximately be replaced
    every four months
  35. what is used to wipe down the display screen
    glass cleaner
  36. what is used to lock the expansion card in place
    retaining tabs
  37. what does DMS stand for
    data management server
  38. what size should the stripe-set be set to
  39. what is the size of the C: drive partition
  40. what is the size shoule you make the D: partition
  41. what size should the E: partition be
  42. what starts the installation process
    double-click WINUPDATE.exe
  43. what does ASE stand for
    adaptive server enterprise
  44. where is the servername.log located
  45. from the select manufacture drop down what must be selected
    american power conversion
  46. what must be done prior to loading the NALCOMIS optimized OMA application
    stop task scheduler services
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