CNS Cranial Nerves by Number

  1. CN I
    • Olfactory Nerve Pair 
    • Sensory
    • Input to brain via Olfactory bulb and tract (stimuli from nose)
    • Input interpreted in the uncus of each temporal lobe
  2. CN II
    • Optic Nerve Pair
    • Sensory 
    • Input to brain via Optic Nerves, Optic Chiasma, and Optic Tracts
    • Input interpreted by neurosn near the calcarine sulcus of each occipital lobe
  3. CN III
    • Oculomotor Nerve Pair
    • Motor
    • Controls 4 of the 6 external eye muscles
    • Parasympathetic control over some smooth muscles (dilation, focusing on near/far)
  4. CN IV
    • Trochlear Nerve Pair
    • Motor
    • Controls one eye muscle
  5. CN V
    • Trigeminal Nerve Pair
    • Both (sensory and motor)
    • Originates at the Pons
    • Three subdivisions, all in the face
    • Ophthalmic, Maxillary and Mandibular subdivisions
    • Motor works on masseter muscle 
    • Sensory carries sensations of pain, thermal light and deep touch from facial areas
  6. CN VI
    • Abducens Nerve Pair
    • Motor
    • Controls one eye muscle
  7. CN VII
    • Facial Nerve Pair
    • Both (sensory and motor)
    • Motor controls fascial expression/lacrimal glands (tears, parasympathetic)
    • Sensory brings taste (gustatory sensation)
  8. CN IX
    • Glossopharyngeal Nerve Pair
    • Both (sensory and motor)
    • Supplies innervation to the pharynx and back of the tongue 
    • Parasympathetic control over largest salivary glands (parotids)
  9. CN VIII
    • Vestibulocochlear Nerve Pair
    • Sensory 
    • Hearing/equilibrium
    • Final interpretation of hearing is in the superior temporal gyrus of each temporal lobe
  10. CN X
    • Vagus Nerve Pair
    • Both (sensory and motor)
    • Longest cranial nerve
    • Innervates thorax and abdominal structures
    • 80% of its fibers are afferent (parasympathetic visceral component)
  11. CN XI
    • Spinal Accessory Nerve Pair
    • Motor
    • Innervates SCM and trapezius
  12. CN XII
    • Hypoglossal Nerve Pair
    • Motor
    • Tongue movements
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