AIS Week 2

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  1. What are the 4 steps in the data processing cycle?
    • Data input
    • Data processing
    • Data storage
    • Information output
  2. What are the 3 facets of business activity that organisations want to collect data about?
    • Resources affected by events
    • People/agents who participate in events
    • Events/activities of interest
  3. What are the 4 types of coding techniques?
    • Sequence
    • Block
    • Group
    • Mnemonic
  4. What occurs with block coding?
    Blocks of numbers are reserved for specific categories of data.
  5. What occurs with group codes?
    Each digit/s is a subcode that has a different meaning.
  6. What are mnemonic codes?
    Codes with both letters and numbers.
  7. What is an entity?
    Something about which data is stored. Eg customers, employees, inventory.
  8. What is an attribute?
    Characteristics of interest about an entity.
  9. What is a record?
    A group of fields containing data about an entity's attributes.
  10. What is a file?
    A group of related records.
  11. What is a database?
    A set of interrelated, centrally coordinated files.
  12. What are the 4 types of data processing activities?
    • Creating new records
    • Reading, retrieving and viewing existing data
    • Updating data
    • Deleting data
  13. What is information called that is displayed on a monitor?
    Soft copy
  14. What is information called that is printed on paper?
    Hard copy
  15. What does ERP stand for?
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  16. What are the 8 typical ERP modules?
    • Financial
    • Human resources
    • Order to cash (revenue)
    • Purchase to pay (expenditure)
    • Manufacturing (production)
    • Project management
    • Customer relationship management
    • System tools
  17. What are the 7 advantages of an ERP system?
    • Integrated view of data
    • Data is keyed once
    • Greater visibility of whole enterprise
    • Better access control
    • Standardised procedures & reports
    • Improved customer service
    • Real time ordering
  18. What are the 5 disadvantages of an ERP system?
    • Cost
    • Amount of time required
    • Changes to business processes
    • Complexity
    • Resistance
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