Unit 33_describing events

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  1. if there is no space or time available (passive)
    be booked up
  2. arrive or enter somewhere in very large numbers
    pour in
  3. be very full (passive)
    be packed out
  4. imitate someone's behaviour, often in a funny way
    take off
  5. play someone's role (usually for a short period of time)
    stand in
  6. organize
    put on
  7. leave a place before the performance has ended
    walk out
  8. make stupid by copying in a funny way
    send up
  9. a number of people that came to see something (noun)
  10. call off something / call something off
    cancel something
  11. enter some place even though it's too small
    cram in(to) somewhere
  12. happen, especially in a good way
    pass off
  13. postpone to a later date
    put something off / put off something
  14. arrange something for an earlier/later time
    put something forward/back / put forward/back something
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