1. 240H/B weight
    • (25.8 lbs) (M240H) 
    • (27.1 lbs) (M240B)
  2. 240 rate of fire
    • Rapid 200 RDS/M (2-3 sec between bursts) – Change barrel every 2 minutes. 
    • Cyclic 650 to 950 RDS/M (B 550-650 RDS/M)
    • Sustained 100 RDS/M (4-5 sec between bursts) – Change barrel every 10 minutes
  3. 240 Range
    • Max Range 3,725 meters
    • Max Effective Point 800 meters
    • Max Effective Area 1800 meters
    • Tracer Burnout 900 meters
  4. 240 Operation
    • Gas-operated – Recoils with gas-assist boost. Three gas settings to maintain a consistent rate of fire (with the exception of M240B/M240H
    • Positive Locking of Bolt Body – Firing pin is part of bolt and operating rod assembly, and cannot strike primer until bolt is fully locked.

    Fires from Open Bolt Position – Prevents explosion of cartridge (cook-off) after prolonged firing.
  5. 240 Immediate Action
    • POPS
    • Pull
    • Observe
    • Push 
    • Squeeze
  6. 240 Runaway
    Let weapon fire if near end of link belt.

    Break link belt (grasp link belt and twist it firmly).

    • Grab charger cable (or cocking handle assembly), pull all the way back and hold.
    • Place safety to “S” safe and remove ammunition belt.
  7. M9 Operation
    semiautomatic, magazine fed, recoil operated, double action pistols, chambered for the 9mm cartridge.
  8. M9 weight
    • With Mag 41 oz
    • no mag 34 oz
  9. M9 Range
    • Max effective range 50 meters
    • Max Range 1800 meters
  10. M9 Immediate Action
    • Ensure the decocking/safety lever is in the FIRE position.
    • Squeeze the trigger again.
    • If the pistol does not fire, ensure that the magazine is fully seated, retract the slide to the rear, and release.
    • Squeeze the trigger.If the pistol again does not fire, remove the magazine and retract the slide to eject the chambered cartridge.
    • Insert a new magazine, retract the slide, and release to chamber another cartridge.
    • Squeeze the trigger.
    • If the pistol still does not fire, perform remedial action.
  11. 240 Function Check
    • Clear Weapon
    • safety to “F” fire. Pull cocking handle to rear
    • Place to safe
    • depress trigger nothing should happen
    • Place to fire with charging handle to rear depress trigger ride bolt forward
    • safety must not go in with bolt forward
  12. M9 Function Check
    • Clear the pistol in accordance with the unloading procedures
    • Depress the slide stop, letting the slide go forward.
    • Insert an empty magazine into the pistol.
    • Retract the slide fully and release it.
    • The slide should lock to the rear.
    • Depress the magazine release button and remove the magazine.
    • Ensure the decocking/safety lever is in the SAFE position.
    • Depress the slide stop. When the slide goes forward, the hammer should fall to the forward position.
    • Squeeze and release the trigger.
    • The firing pin block should move up and down and the hammer should not move.
    • Place the decocking/safety lever in the fire POSITION.
    • Squeeze the trigger to check double action. The hammer should cock and fall.
    • Squeeze the trigger again. Hold it to the rear. Manually retract and release the slide.
    • Release the trigger. A click should be heard and the hammer should not fall.
    • Squeeze the trigger to check the single action. The hammer should fall.
  13. What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
    • Steady Position
    • Proper Aim (Sight Picture)
    • Breathing
    • Trigger Squeeze
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