Musculoskeletal Diseases and Conditions 2

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  1. osteoporosis
    decrease in bone density with an increase in porosity, causing bones to become brittle and increasing the risk of fractures
  2. Paget disease, osteitis deformans
    skeletal disease affecting elderly people that causes chronic inflammation of bones, resulting in thickening and softening of bones and bowing of long bones
  3. rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    chronic, systematic, inflammatory disease affecting the synovial membranes of multiple joints, eventually resulting in crippling deformities
  4. rotator cuff injury, musculotendinous rotator cuff injury
    trauma to the capsule of the shoulder joint, which is reinforced by muscles and tendons
  5. subluxation
    partial or complete dislocation
  6. sequestrum
    fragment of a necrosed bone that has become separated from surrounding tissue
  7. talipes equinovarus, clubfoot
    congenital deformity of the foot
  8. ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid spondylitis
    chronic inflammatory disease of unknown origin that first affects the spine and is characterized by fusion and loss of mobility of two or more vertebrae
  9. kyphosis, hunch back
    increased curvature of the thoracic region of the vertebral column, leading to a humpback posture
  10. kyph/o
  11. lordosis
    forward curvature of the lumbar region of the vertebral column, leading to a swayback posture
  12. lord/o
    curve, swayback
  13. scoliosis
    abnormal sideward curvature of the spine to the left or right
  14. spondylolisthesis, spinal cord compression
    partial forward dislocation of one vertebra over the one below it, most commonly the fifth lumbar vertebra over the first sacral vertebra
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