la caridad

  1. Who's religion is it?
  2. This guy opened a tobaco planatation in key west that burns down so he reopens in ybor city
    Vincente martinez
  3. why did afro-cubans come to the US?
    to work on plantations
  4. First wave of cubans post castro were mainly
    white and professional. many thought it was temporary
  5. What allowed certain part of the population that wanted to go to go?
    1980 Mariel boat lift
  6. which cuban community is most vocal here?
    exile community even though its the minority
  7. who is la caridad del cobre (our lady of charity of cobre)
    patron saint of cuba
  8. who discovered the statue of her
    juan moreno
  9. the person who made a shrine for her, spanish
    captain sanchez de moya
  10. Who is the most powerful orisha? Of sweet waters and rivers, associated with fertility..
  11. Asked her sister to lighten her skin and relax her hair so she could go to cuba to reach out to enslaved children and the spanish
  12. The shrine for lady of charity is
    la ermita de la caridad
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