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  1. Longitude
  2. Latitude
  3. Equidistant from the poles is an imaginary circle called...
  4. Drawn from pole to pole at right angles to the equator
    Meridians of longitude
  5. Used as the zero degree line
    Prime meridian
  6. Lat and Long: which is stated first?
  7. Where longitudinal meridians converge
    True North
  8. Attracts the needle of a compass
    Magnetic North
  9. Angular difference b/t true north and magnetic north
    Magnetic variation
  10. Depicted on sectional charts using dashed magenta colored lines
    Isogonic lines (equal variation)
  11. Points where magnetic north and true north are the same
    Agonic line
  12. Course measured with respect to true north (using lat and long
    True Course (TC)
  13. Course with respect to magnetic north
    Magnetic course (MC)
  14. Time at the prime meridian and is represented in aviation operations by the letter Z
    Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  15. Converting Zulu time
    • EST +5
    • CST +6
    • MST +7
    • PST +8
    • Subtract 1 hour for daylight saving time
  16. Magnetic compass deflection
  17. VFR cruising altitudes
    • Apply at or above 3,000' AGL
    • Magnetic course 000d to 179d fly at odd thousands plus 500
    • Magnetic course 180d to 359d fly at even thousands plus 500
  18. Navigation: what to know
    • Starting point
    • Ending point
    • Distance to travel
    • Wind
    • Aircraft speed
    • Aircraft fuel capacity/burn rate
    • Aircraft load
  19. Computations of direction and distance from a known position
    Dead reckoning
  20. Navigation by reference to visible landmarks
  21. The use of radio aids
    Radio navigation
  22. Methods of navigation
    • Dead reckoning
    • Pilotage
    • Radio navigation
  23. 3 main VFR charts
    • Sectional (most common*****)
    • VFR terminal area charts
    • World aeronautical chart
  24. 1:500,000 scale
    Sectional aeronautical chart
  25. 1:250,000 scale
    VFR terminal area chart
  26. 1:1,000,000 scale
    World aeronautical charts
  27. Includes airport data, nav aids, airspace, and topography
    Sectional aeronautical charts
  28. 3 types of north
    • True
    • Magnetic
    • Grid or Map
  29. Connecting points on the Earth of equal elevation
    Contour lines
  30. MEF - Maximum Elevation Figure
    Ensures you are clear of all obstructions in that area 125 = 12,500'
  31. UC
    Under construction
  32. 3 segments of GPS
    • Space
    • User
    • Control
  33. Pictorial representation of a portion of the Earth's surface upon which lines and symbols in a variety of colors represent features and/or details that can be seen on the Earth's surface.
    VFR sectional charts
  34. Shown by boxing airport name
    FAR 93
  35. Airports where fixed wing special visual flight rules operations are prohibited
    FAR 91; Shown by "NO SVFR" above airport name
  36. Shown by a broken magenta line
  37. Line of magnetic bearing extending outward from the VOR station
  38. Network of satellites who’s orbits are arranged so that at least six satellites are always within line of sight from almost everywhere on Earth's surface
    Space network
  39. 2 types of GPS control segments
    • Master control station
    • Monitor stations
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