Musculoskeletal Word Elements 2

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  1. fascioplasty
    surgical repair of fascia
  2. fibroma
    tumor of fibrous tissue
  3. leimyoma
    tumor of smooth muscle
  4. lumbocostal
    pertaining to the lumbar region and the ribs
  5. myorrhexis
    rupture of a muscle
  6. tenotomy
    incision of a tendon
  7. tendoplasty
    surgical repair of a tendon
  8. tendinitis, tendonitis
    inflammation of a tendon, usually resulting from a strain
  9. myalgia, myodynia
    pain or tenderness in muscles
  10. myasthenia
    weakness of muscle (and abnormal fatigue)
  11. hemiplegia
    paralysis of one side of the body
  12. myorrhaphy
    suture of muscle, usually due to a muscle wound
  13. myosarcoma
    malignant tumor of muscle tissue
  14. chondrotomy
    incision of cartilage
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