Lines 1-100

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  1. των τερμονων
    ends, boundaries
  2. ναιουσιν
    dwell, live
  3. σφαλλω
    I trip, overthrow; foil
  4. ἐσω/εἰσω
    • adv
    • within, into
  5. τἀμα κρατη
    my power
  6. τῳ γενει
    kind, type
  7. ἀναινεται
    refuse, renounce; repent
  8. ψαυει
    he touches
  9. τιμαι (τιμαω)
    he honours
  10. χλωραν (adj)
    pale/bright green; pallid; fresh; tender, youthful
  11. την ὑλην
    a wood, forest
  12. τοις/ταις κυσιν
    dogs, bitches
  13. μειζω (adj acc)
    more, greater
  14. βροτειας adj
  15. τας ὁμιλιας
    companionship, converse, discourse
  16. ἡμαρτηκε (ἁμαρτανω)
    he is in the wrong
  17. τιμωρησομαι
    I shall exact revenge
  18. προκοψασ᾽(προκοπτω)
    having progressed, advanced
  19. δαμαρ
  20. κατοψιον (αdj)
    visible, in full sight; opposite
  21. τον ναον
  22. ἐγκαθεισατο (καθιζω)
    she established, placed, settled
  23. ἐκδημον (adj)
  24. ἱδρυσθαι (pf inf)
    to seat, make to sit
  25. το μιασμα
    stain, defilement
  26. ναυστολει (ναυστολεω)
    sail to
  27. ἐνιαυσιαν (adj)
    of a year, year-long
  28. αἰνεσας (αἰνεω)
    having consented to
  29. στενουσα
  30. ἀπολλυται
    she dies, perishes
  31. κτενει (κτεινω)
    he will kill
  32. ταις ἀραισιν
    prayers, curses
  33. ὠπασεν (ὀπαζω)
    he granted
  34. ματαιον (adj)
    vain, empty
  35. προτιμησω
    I shall honour over another, prefer
  36. παρασχειν
    to cause, render, allow
  37. τον μοχθον
    τῳ μοχθωι
  38. ἐκλελοιποτα (ἐκλειπω)
    leave, quit; cease
  39. των προσπολων
  40. τους ὀπισθοπους
    attendants, followers
  41. ὁ κωμος
    a band of revellers, procession
  42. λελακεν (λασκω)
    he/it shouts
  43. ἀνεωιγμενας
    standing open
  44. λοισθιον
    the last
  45. το γενεθλον
  46. την εὐπατερειαν
    the daughter of a noble father
  47. την αὐλαν
    the court/hall
  48. πλεκτος  η  ον
    plaited, twisted
  49. ἀκηρατος  ον
    pure, incorrupt
  50. φερβειν
    to feed; preserve
  51. ἠρινος  η  ον
    of/in spring
  52. ἀξιοι (ἀξιοω)
    he would/might dare
  53. ποταμιαισι (adj)
    of/from rivers
  54. κηπευει (κηπευω)
    he rears/tends a garden
  55. τοις δροσοις
    dew, pure water
  56. εἰληχεν (λαγχανω)
    he has obtained
  57. δρεπεσθαι
    to pluck, cull, gather (for oneself)
  58. το ἀναδημα
    a headband
  59. δεξαι
    take! accept!
  60. ἀμειβομαι
    I exchange
  61. καμψαιμ᾽(καμπτω)
    + βιου
    • may I bow, bend the middle point
    • = draw near to life's close
  62. καθεστηκεν (καθιστημι)
    it is established, observed
  63. ἀνιστορεις
    you are asking/inquiring
  64. ἀχθεινος (adj)
    burdensome, oppressive
  65. εὐπροσηγοροισιν (αdj)
    affable, courteous
  66. πλειστος  η  ον
    • very much/great
    • greatest, most
  67. εὐλαβου
    take care!
  68. σφαληι (σφαλλω)
    lest it slip, stumble
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