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  1. Where do most burns occur?
  2. Who's at risk for burns?
    children and old people
  3. Set water heater to no higher than what temp?
  4. What degree burn is a bad sunburn?
  5. What degree burn is a burn from a flash flame?
  6. What degree burn is from a fire?
  7. What degree burn is from a chemical burn?
  8. You got a burn that has pain relived by cooling. What degree is it?
  9. You got a burn that is sensitive to cool air. What degree is it?
  10. You got a burn that doesn't hurt. What degree is it?
  11. Your pt is going into shock and you find hematuria. What degree burn does he likely have?
  12. The burn looks red, blanches with pressure and is dry, no edema. What degree is it?
  13. You look at a burn and it looks blistered, mottled, red base, edema. What degree is it?
  14. It's important to hook person up to _____ after an electrical burn?
    ECG - electricity thru body - arrythmias
  15. With burns, what happens to your CO?
    low. - hypoperfusion - organs won't work as well - hypofunction
  16. How does burn shock happen?
    fluid loss - vascular fluid loss - CO decrease - BP drops - burn shock
  17. What notice ____ change in their voice. You suspect burn injury to their breathing system?
  18. You are first to show up to burn victim. What do you do first?
    ABCs. Airway. Make sure you have one and deliver 100% oxy. Intubate if can.
  19. What position do you want to put burn victim in ?
    sitting up. Tend to vomit d/t paralytic illeus from low CO
  20. After the ABCs are est. for a burn victim, what's next on the agenda?
    cervical inj. or head inj. until stable. then off to the burn wound itself.
  21. If burn pt TBSA is above _____%, then we give em NG tube.
  22. Why would we see anemia in a burn pt?
    RBC might be burned and destroyed.
  23. What do you think the HcT is for a burn pt?
    high - fluid loss - thick blood - high hct
  24. Why is CHF something you have to look for in a burn pt?
    capillaries regain integrity - extracelluar fluid rushes back in - if old person (kidneys aren't as good), kidney injury - fluid overload.
  25. Why is fever common in burn pts?
    After burn shock resolves, resetting of the body core temp results in temp a few degrees higher.
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