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  1. mobilization to increase ER at hip
    ant glide
  2. mobilization to increase IR at hip?
    post glide
  3. amb expectations for a child with thoracic, L1-2, L3-4, L4-5 myelomeningocele
    • thoracic - use parapodium
    • L1-2 - KAFO for home amb
    • L3-4 - KAFO for home and school
    • L4-5 - AFO home and school
  4. renal failure gives what appearance to fingernails?
    • short transverse lines (Mees lines)
    • brownish distal 1/3
  5. liver dysfunction does what to fingernail appearance?
    • transverse depressions (Beau lines)
    • or -- white nailbed for 2/3 of nail (Terry nails)
  6. vitamin D is key for
    bone quality -- can have decalcification if it's low
  7. usual word for describing vascular pain
  8. usual word for describing musculoskeletal pain
  9. usual word for describing neurogenic pain
  10. signs of tethered cord in myelomeningocele
    changes in bowel and bladder function, increased spasticity, back pain, etc., but not irritability, lethargy, and vomiting
  11. which nerve root does sensation over plantar foot
  12. which nerve root does sensation over dorsal foot
  13. what is methotrexate
    a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug and has effects to counter impairments associated with rheumatoid arthritis (pain, swelling, loss of range of motion)
  14. levator scapula 
    • TPs C1-4 --> sup med scap
    • elevate scap, downward rotation
    • C3-4, dorsal scapula (C5)
  15. passive insufficiency
    limitation in a muscle when it's stretched over 2 joints (can't do SLR w knee straight bc of passive insuff of hamstrings)
  16. active insuf
    muscle gets weak when shortened over 2 joints
  17. stasis dermatitis is 2/2
    venous insuff
  18. seborrheic keratosis
    • benign skin tumor
    • associated with hormonal therapy or inflam dermatosis
  19. psorias and arthitis?
    10% of pts with psorias develop arthritis
  20. psoriasis
    • a common skin condition that causes skin redness and irritation.
    • Most people with psoriasis have thick, red skin with flaky, silver-white patches called scales
  21. hiatal hernia refers pain where?
  22. femoral hernia --> pain where
    latereral pelvic wall
  23. inguinal hernia causes pain where
    • groin 
    • this hernia is above the inguinal lig, so it's higher than the femoral hernia
  24. umbilical hernia --> pain where?
    umbilical ring in mid-low abdomen
  25. kidney disease and aquatic PT?
    severe kidney disease is an absolute contraind
  26. pos Babinski
    halux does ext while the other toes to PF and splay
  27. blurred vision is a symptom of which of the following: Cushing's, DM, liver disease, hypothyroidism
    DM only
  28. tarsal tunnel syndrome 
    • tibial nerve is compressed
    • pain/numbness in the medial ankle radiating into the plantar aspect of the foot only
  29. plantar faschiitis symptoms
    pain and tenderness located on the medial calcaneal tubercle
  30. insufficient socket flexion in a transfemoral prosthetic -->
    excessive lordosis during push-off
  31. bigeminy
    every second heartbeat is a PVC
  32. ventricular tachycardia
    >3 PVCs in a row
  33. isokinetic contraction
    resistance varies but the velocity stays the same
  34. treatment for unilat peripheral vestib loss?
    habituation exercises
  35. platform perturbations are for who?
    • pts who need somatosensory retraining 
    • this produces ankle responses
  36. anterior interosseous nerve
    • a branch of the median nerve
    • innervates the flexor pollicis longus, pronator quadratus, and half of the flexor digitorum profundus
    • if impaired: difficulty with pinching and pronation
  37. myocardial demand is best represented by what equation?
    • HRxSBP aka double product
    • this is a better way to check out myocardial O2 demand than looking at SaO2
  38. Gamekeeper's thumb
    what is it
    how to eval it
    • a tear of the ulnar collateral ligament of the first MCP jt,
    •  apply a valgus stress to the thumb
  39. sharpened Romberg test
    Observe the patient standing with one foot in front of the other with eyes open, then with eyes closed.
  40. 3 side effects of glucocorticosteroids (there are more)
    • hyperglycemia
    • HTN
    • increased risk of infections
  41. functional incontinence is due to...
    • mobility, dexterity, or cognitive deficits
    • pt will have difficulty reaching toilet in time
  42. overflow incontinance is caused by...
    • a neurological condition that results in disruption of the activity of the detrusor muscle
    • this is a LMN problem
    • char by frequent urination or constant dribbling
  43. urge incontinence is char by
    • increased frequency or desire to void with a decrease in volume
    • detrusor spasms
  44. arterial vs venous ulcers
    • arterial: deep, no decreased sensation, dorsum of foot or toes, lat malleolus --- sharp borders
    • venous: shallow, no decreased sensation, med malleolus tho can be anywhere-- surrounding tissues: edematous or w pigment changes
  45. drainage from wound
    colors, indication
    • dark red -- venous, inflammation
    • bright red -- arterial, inflammation
    • viscous yellow -- infection
    • serosanguinous -- in small to med amounts, it's a sign of healing
  46. bronchospasm -- side effect of what heart med?
    beta blockers
  47. cellulitis symptoms
    pain, redness, tenderness, edema, and at times, fever, chills, tachycardia, headache, and hypotension
  48. dermatitis appearance
    papules, vesicles, blisters, or ulcerations
  49. keratitis
    corneal inflammation
  50. hyperhidrosis is seen with what heart issue?
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