Brain 3

  1. meningioma
    tumor of the meninges
  2. subdural space
    contains CSF
  3. cerebrospinal fluid
    fluid that circulates the subarachnoid space and protects the brain and spinal cord
  4. epidural space
    • space between the pia mater and the bones of the spinal cord
    • contains blood vessels and some fat
    • where anesthetics may be injected to dull pain or contrast material may be injected for certain diagnostic procedures
  5. myelitis
    inflammation of the spinal cord
  6. myelopathy
    any disease of the spinal cord
  7. myelotome
    instrument to cut or dissect the spinal cord
  8. how many roots doe spinal nerves have?
  9. roots of spinal nerves
    • dorsal root
    • ventral root
  10. dorsal root
    made of sensory neurons that carry impulse into the spinal cord
  11. ventral root
    made of motor neurons carrying impulses from the spinal cord to muscles f glands
  12. gray matter of the spinal cord
    cell bodies of motor neurons
  13. neuralgia
    pain in a nerve
  14. neuritis
    inflammation of a nerve
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