Brain 2

  1. number of cervical nerves
    8 pairs
  2. number of thoracic nerves
    12 pairs
  3. number of lumbar nerves
    5 pairs
  4. number of sacral nerves
    5 pairs
  5. number of pairs of coccygeal nerves
    1 pair
  6. nerves of the neck
    cervical nerves
  7. nerves of the chest
    thoracic nerves
  8. nerves of the sacrum
    sacral nerves
  9. layers of the meninges
    • dura mater
    • arachnoid membrane
    • pia mater
  10. dura mater
    • tough, fibrous membrane that covers the entire length of the spinal cord and contains channels for blood to enter brain tissue
    • outermost membrane
  11. arachnoid membrane
    • runs across the subdural space
    • second layer which surrounds the brain and spinal cord
  12. pia mater
    • thin membrane containing many blood vessels that nourish the spinal cord
    • third layer which is closest to the brain and spinal cord
  13. meningitis
    inflammation of the meninges
  14. meningocele
    hernia or swelling of the meninges
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