Hormones, Pituitary Gland 1

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  1. hyper-
    excessive, above normal
  2. hypo-
    under, below deficient
  3. radi/o
    radiation, x-ray, radius
  4. neur/o
    nerve, mental disorder
  5. acr/o
  6. hypersecretion
  7. hyposecretion
  8. all major hormones circulate to virtually all tissues, but…
    each hormone exerts specific effects on its target organ
  9. key characteristics of hormones
    • chemical substances produced by specialized cells in the body
    • released slowly in minute amounts across the bloodstream
    • produced primarily by the endocrine glands
    • almost all inactivated or excreted by the liver and kidneys
  10. pituitary gland, hypophysis
    • secretes at least 8 major hormones
    • one of the most important endocrine glands bc its secretions influence the function of many organs in the body
    • in the brain
  11. anteroposterior
    passing from the front to the back
  12. posteroanterior
    passing from the back to the front
  13. posterosuperior
    located behind and above a structure
  14. posteroinferior
    located behind and below a structure
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