1. The internal pathway of the pc primary starts at [Blank] and connects with which Zhang?  Then from there it goes to which region of the body?  Another branch from the chest goes to where?
    • Chest
    • PC
    • All 3 jiaos
    • PC1
  2. The external pathway of the PC primary passes between which two tendons?
    • m. palmaris longus
    • m. flexor radialis
  3. The PC connects to which zhang fu and has what intersecting points?
    • PC, San Jiao
    • None
  4. What are the 5 functions of the PC?
    • Regulate the vessels and blood circulation
    • Assist the heart in housing the mind
    • Maintain open flow of qi in the chest
    • Distribute qi to and regulate the function of the stomach and diaphragm
    • Distribute qi to the area covered by the PC channel (Chest, abdomen, axillary, medial aspect of the arm)
  5. What are the 2 pathology of the PC primary channel?
    • Chanel obstruction: pain of neck, hands, feet, swelling of axillary fossa, chest and hypochondriac area
    • Yellow sclera, aphasia, redness of face
  6. What are the 2 pathologies of the PC organ?
    • Heart and vessels: palpitations, cardiac pain, high lipid levels
    • MEntal and emotional: delirium, incessant laughing, depression, dian kuang
  7. The PC divergent separates from?

    Enters the body at?

    Connects with?

    Emerges at?

    Converges with the SJ regular channel at?
    • 3 cun below the axillary fossa
    • Chest
    • Upper, middle, lower jiao, and throat
    • Mastoid process
    • Mastoid process
  8. Which channel?  Toothache, ear disorders, bell's palsy.
  9. For chest, breast, hypochondriae region and chronic throat disorder use which channel?
  10. The PC sinew starts at?
    Ends at?
    • Palmar aspect of teh middle finger
    • Diaphram
  11. The PC sinew knots at which part of the extremities?
    medial aspect of elbow
  12. The PC sinew knots at which part of the trunk?
    • axillary fossa
    • Diaphram
    • Spreads out on  sides of chest and hypochondriae region
  13. For pain on medial aspect of arm, elbow and axillary fossa and chest?
  14. For hiccups and distention of epigastrum use which channel
  15. the luo point of the PC?
  16. The Luo of the pc connects with?
    PC and heart
  17. The Luo is not connected with the blank?
    San Jiao
  18. The PC luo ends where?
  19. Luo Excess
    Cardiac pain
  20. Luo xu
    • Restlessness
    • irritability
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