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  1. ---------------- is a process common to all human experience.
  2. HR planning begins with the development of an ----------------- indicating the status of current human resources.
  3. Enrollment ------------- tells us how many students will attend our school in 1-5 years.
  4. Define RIF
    Reduction in force
  5. A key person in HR planning is the building-------------.
  6. The term --------------- refers to constitutional and legislative rights that are inalienable and applicable to all citizens.
  7. ------------- is a guide that regulates how people live out their lives as members of various societies. The content of justice is often referred to as ------------------- .
    • Justice
    • Entitlement
  8. Responsibility that exists between individuals.
  9. Responsibility of society to the individual
  10. Responsibility of each person to society
  11. ---------------- is the process of restoring what was withheld.
  12. "There can be justice for --------------- if there is not justice for ----------." This is the essence of civil rights legislation.
    • None
    • All
  13. Affirmative action protects being discriminated against ---------------------------------------------.
    • Race
    • Color
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Creed
    • Disability
    • National origin
  14. This office investigates claims of discrimination.
    Office of civil rights. OCR
  15. This law was the most comprehensive legislation protecting people with disabilities.
    Americans with disabilities act. ADA
  16. Under ADA, a person has a disability if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that limits a major ------------------.
    Life activity
  17. Employers must make ----------------------------- when dealing with ADA rules and personnel.
    Reasonable accommodations.
  18. In 1987, the US Supreme Court ruled in school board of Nassau county v. Arline that an infectious disease could constitute a -------------.
  19. In 1988, the whirlpool v. Marshall case determined that contact in schools was considered --------------, therefore no risk of contacting AIDS could be determined.
  20. Equality for women is protected in Title -----------and Title 7'of the civil rights act.
  21. ------------------------ is a violation of Title VII.
    Sexual harassment.
  22. ---------------------------- occurs when an employment or personnel decision is based upon an applicant's or employee's submission to or rejection of unwelcome sexual conduct.
    Quid pro quo
  23. ------------------------------ discrimination occurs when unwelcome sexual conduct interested with the employee's job performance.
    Hostile environment
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