ADH III - Cardiogenic shock

  1. Pt went into cardio shock and is now stable on your floor, what body system do you want to monitor?
    • rhythm changes
    • lung sounds
    • arterial lines (meds)
    • ECG
  2. What can you give for chest pain? why?
    morphine - dilate - decrease pre and after load - low anxiety.
  3. Why are you giving Dobutamine? first, what is it? how does it work?
    inotropic agent - stimulate beta 1 - stronger heart beats - more SV and CO
  4. What is nitro for? What does it do to the body?
    arterial vasodilation - increase CO - more blood to heart - more oxy rich blood to ischemic parts
  5. what is dopamine for?
    may improve contractility at low doses. high doses vasocontricts...
  6. how do you manage cardio shock? how do you prevent it?
    how do you make the heart happy?

    decrease workload, increase oxy to heart.
  7. What labs do you monitor for c.shock?
    • BNP
    • CK-MB
    • Troponin
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ADH III - Cardiogenic shock
ADH III - Cardiogenic shock