acu quiz herbs

  1. All of the herbs in the Aromatic Herbs that Transform Dampness category go to which two channels?
    A) Lung and Spleen
    B) Liver and Spleen
    C) Spleen and Stomach
    D) Lung and Stomach
    Spleen and Stomach
  2. Herbs in the Purgatives category are mainly what taste and temperature?
    A) Mostly bitter and neutral in nature
    B) Mostly sweet and cold in nature
    C) Mostly sweet and hot in nature
    D) Mostly bitter and cold in nature
    Mostly bitter and cold in nature
  3. Which one of the following herbs in the Herbs that Clear Heat and Dry Dampness category is bitter,cold,and goes to the Stomach, Large Intestine, Heart, Liver, Bladder, and Small Intestine?
    A) Huang Bai
    B) Huang Lian
    C) Long Dan Cao
    D) Ku Shen
    Ku Shen
  4. Che Qian Zi is in the same category as all of the following herbs EXCEPT:
    A) Dong Gua Ren
    B) Yi Zhi Ren
    C) Yin Chen Hao
    D) Hua Shi
    Yi Zhi Ren
  5. A patient presents with Sciatica. Their tongue is pale with a white coating and their pulse is thready,weak,and slow. The chief herb of the formula that would best best for this patient is in the same categoryaswhich one of the following herbs?
    A) Gou Teng
    B) Hua Jiao
    C) Qin Jiao
    D) Chuan Xiong
    Qin Jiao
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acu quiz herbs
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