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  1. MSI
    Multi Source Integration
  2. Network
    Software design which creates multiple comm channels and groups
  3. NPG
    Network Participation Group - Group of time slots programmed for specific function.

    • 9: Air Control
    • 10: Electronic Warfare
    • 12&13: MIDS Voice
    • 19&20: F/F Datalink
  4. NET
    Specific frequency hopping pattern (channel)
  5. MIDS
    Multifunction information distribution system
  6. Link 16
    Architecture based on time
  7. Dedicated vs. Contention
    • Dedicated: assigned time slot
    • Contention: each time slot may be assigned to multiple users
  8. What is required to make MIDS work?
    Time, Crypto, and Network
  9. Network Time Reference
    • -One per network
    • -NTR terminal's clock time is never updated by system information and is the reference to which all other terminals sync their own clocks
    • -Must be one and can be only one NTR per network
    • -In order to enter a network, your MIDS terminal time must be within +/- 6 seconds of NTR, once in network, your time will be updated/refined by NTR
  10. COARSE vs FINE
    Coarse: upon receipt of 2 messages - receive ony

    Fine: broadcasting roundtrip - transmission and receive
  11. Initialize MIDS
    • -Select VEC on HSI
    • -L16

    • Need different network loaded?
    • -MUMI, MORE(PB10)
    • -Up to 3 networks (PB2-4)
  12. NET Entry Status
    • Pending
    • -If it becomes likely that NET entry will not occur, changes from PENDING to CHK TIME

    -When terminal receives initial entry message, entry status changes to COARSE
  13. PPLI
    Precise Participant Location Identifier
  14. Donor Dot
    • Indicates PPLI has capability to provide F/F info and on-channel ID (A, B, C, etc.) shows that PPLI is operating on same F/F channel (or net) as ownship
    •    -Must be designated a donor
  15. Member vs. Donor
    • -Max 3 members and 7 donors
    • -All share info, additionally, members receive all other members AIC commands in form of group channels
    • -TUC PPLI, if member or donor, mbr or dnr already boxed
    • Strength 2
    • Azimuth Component
    • Sorted

    (Left Lead Hi, Right, Trail, Lo)
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