Unit 31

  1. start to talk about (some question)
    bring up (bring something up or bring up something)
  2. start talking about something different
    get on to
  3. quickly repeat in order to revise
    run through
  4. not discuss something to discuss something else in this time
    leave aside (leave sth aside or leave aside sth)
  5. return to discuss something in future
    come back to
  6. explain in detail
    spell out (spell something out or spell out something)
  7. discuss or give attention to
    deal with
  8. (noun) a practice of repetition in order to make sure something is correct
  9. keep your promise = keep ...
    keep to sth (you promised)
  10. ask someone for help
    turn to someone
  11. be extremely enthusiastic about something
    bubble over (with excitement)
  12. be bossy
    order (people) about/around
  13. tell everybody else the news if've heard (positive, not gossip)
    pass on smth / pass smth on
  14. reject some offer
    turn sth down / turn down sth
Card Set
Unit 31
This set is based on 'English phrasal verbs in use' by McCarthy and O'Dell