1. What does God expect form those who approach him? (Heb 11:6)
    pananampalataya / We should have faith.
  2. How evil is it if one doesn't believe or have faith in GOD? (I Juan 5:10)
    ginagawang sinungaling / you are making God a liar
  3. Under what condition is a man who doesn't have faith? (Roma 14:23)
    Kasalanan ang hindi sa pananampalatay / it is a sin to approach God without faith
  4. What is faith in God? (Heb 11:1)
    Kapanatagan (tranquility) / you must have faith, be firm & steady. suffering for the sake of the things that are unseen
  5. How did abraham prove that he had faith? (Roma 4:19-21)
    Hindi nag-alinlangan / He did not doubt
  6. What kind of confidence & trust did abraham have in God? (Roma 4:18 NPV)
    Pag-asa laban sa pag-asa / hope against hope (hope of what man can do, versus hope of what God can do)
  7. Why should we have faith in God & his words? (Gen 17:1)
    Makapangyarihan / God is POWERFUL or ALMIGHTY
  8. is there something God can't do? (Mar. 10:25-27 NPV)
    Magagawa ang lahat / With god, all things are possible.
  9. Why is it those who believe in God also believe in his word? (Luk 1:37)
    Walang salita na di may pangyayari / no word can come out, without the power of God.
  10. How can we prove that we are believers? (Heb 11:8)
    Nang tawagin ay tumalima / the call [of god] is obeyed.
  11. Did Abraham really give up everything to prove his faith? (Gen 12:1-4)
    Iniwan ang pinakamamahal sa buhay / Left the precious life
  12. Was it only abraham that gave up everything to prove his faith? (Mat. 4:18-22)
    Iniwan ng mga apostol ang hanapbuhay at sumunod / The Apostles left their business [which was all they had] and obeyed.
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