English Vocab #10

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  1. diverse
    adj. different; varied
  2. diurnal
    adj. occurring every day; occurring during the daytime
  3. dishevel
    v. to make untidy; to disarrange the hair or clothing of
  4. doff
    v. to take off; to remove; to put aside
  5. dogmatic
    adj. characterized by an authoritative, often arrogant, assertion of opinions or beliefs (n. dogma)
  6. doleful
    adj. sorrowful; melancholy
  7. dolt
    n. a stupid person
  8. don
    v. to put on
  9. dour
    adj. severe; gloomy; stern
  10. disconcert
    v. to disturb the composure of; upset; to frustrate (as a plan) by throwing into disorder
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English Vocab #10
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