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  1. osteochondritis dissecans
    • small piece of bone crack and loosen
    • can be inconsequential if it stays local, but can be bad if it migrates
    • usually in kids and adolescents
  2. Panner's disease
    • localized avascular necrosis of capitellum¬†
    • limits extension
    • in kids < 10y/o
  3. colles' vs smith's fracture
    • colles': distal portion goes dorsal (dinner fork)
    • smith's: distal goes ventral/volar (garden spade)
  4. Boutonniere deformity 
    due to what?
    looks like what
    • rupture of central tendinous slip of extensor hood
    • MCP and DIP in ext, PIP in flex
  5. Swan neck deformity
    due to what
    looks like what
    • contracture of intrinsic muscles w dorsal sublux of lat extensor tendons
    • flex of MCP and DIP, ext of PIP
  6. ape hand deformity
    2/2 thenar muscle wasting, thumb moves dorsally til it's in line with other digits
  7. mallet finger
    • rupture or avulsion of extensor tendon at distal insertion
    • deformity: flexion of DIP
  8. gamekeeper's thumb
    sprain/rupture of UCL of MCP joint of thumb
  9. boxer's fracture
    fracture of neck of 5th metacarpal
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