Diseases, Conditions, Diagnostic Procedures 1

  1. sarc/o
    flesh (connective tissue)
  2. angina pectoris, angina
    mild to severe pain or pressure in the chest caused by ischemia
  3. arrhythmia, dysrhythmia
    irregularity or loss of rhythm of the heart beat
  4. fibrillation
    arrhythmia of irregular, random contractions of the heart fibers
  5. bruit
    abnormal blowing sound heard on auscultation caused by turbulent blood flow through an artery
  6. deep vein thrombosis
    formation of blood clot in a deep vein of the body, usually the leg or thigh
  7. embolus
    mass of undissolved matter- commonly a blood clot, fatty plaque or air bubble- that travels through the blood stream and becomes lodged in a blood vessel
  8. heart block
    interference with normal conduction of electrical impulses that control activity of the heart muscle
  9. first- degree heart block
    AV block in which the atrial electrical impulses are delayed by a fraction of a second before being conducted to the ventricles
  10. second- degree heart block
    AV block in which occasional electrical impulses from the SA node fail to be conducted to the ventricles
  11. third-degree heart block, complete heart block
    AV block in which electrical impulses from the atria fail to reach the ventricles
  12. heart failure, congestive heart failure
    inability of the heart to circulate blood effectively enough to meet the body’s metabolic needs
  13. hypertension
    consistently elevated BP that is higher than 119/79 mmHg, causing damage to the blood vessels and ultimately the heart
  14. ischemia
    deficiency of blood flow to an organ or tissue due to circulatory obstruction
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