English phrases

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  1. fairy lights
    They are tiny lights that glow & twinkle.

    Fairy lights are often hung on Christmas tree

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  2. They have seen the lights.
    Something that was unclear before, can now be seen VIVIDLY and can be understood well
  3. This month is proving to be a busy one for me.
    I will fix some lights to the railings above my garage.
  4. I have my hands full today
    I have a large job to carry out.

    I'm very busy right now.
  5. The name 'fairy lights' dates back to the late 1800's, and became popular after they were used as a stage prop in the opera 'lolanthe'
    The name 'fairy lights' stuck and is still used to this very day.
  6. Informal:

    She's just popped out to the shop.

    I'm afraid Ms Jones is not in at the moment.
  7. Informal:

    When will she be back?

    When do you expect her back?
  8. Inf:

    Could you get her to ring me back please?

    Could you please ask her to call me back?
  9. Inf:

    Sure. Who should I say called?

    Certainly. Who's calling please?
  10. Inf:

    It's  Jane from the tennis club.

    My name is Jane smith. I've consulted Ms Jones before.
  11. Inf:

     O.K. I've written that down. I'll get Lucy to give you a call when she gets back.

    O.K. I've made a note of that. I'll ask Ms Jones to call you back as soon as she returns.
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