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    • what are the functions that microsoft outlook personal information manager support
    • email
    • calendar
    • contacts
    • tasks
  1. what are the three types of messages when using microsoft outlook
    • plain text
    • HTML
    • rich text
  2. what type of text is the most basic type of message, plain text can be read by everyone, no matter how old their email program, but cannot contain any formatting
    plain text
  3. what type of text is the same technique used to format web pages
  4. what does HTML stand for
    hypertext markup language
  5. what text type that sometimes refferred to as RTF, was developed for word processors also provides more powerful formatting tools than HTML but can be read by a limited set of email clients, including outlook and exchange
    rich text
  6. what are the two categories that text formatting is divided into
    • front
    • paragraph
  7. what is a section of text that is added automatically to the end of email messages that are created
    a signature
  8. what are the tools that outlook uses to proof and edit
    • checking spelling and grammer
    • autocorrect
    • checking names
  9. what tool helps you find errors in a message
    checking spelling and grammer
  10. what tool is a feature that detects certain things in text a user is typing and automatically changes them to something else
  11. what tool verifies that the recipients of messages are all valid email addresses
    checking names
  12. what is junk email often referred to as
  13. when setting junk email options what are the four levels to choose from
    • no automatic filtering
    • low
    • high
    • sage list only
  14. what are the other options in settings and junk email options
    • permanently delete
    • disable links
    • warn me about
    • when sending email, postmark
  15. what is the option if selected, messages that outlook considers to be SPAM will be deleted rather than moved to the junk email folder
    permanently delete
  16. what is the option when phishing messages usaully contain links to web pages where the user will be asked for confidential infromation such as passwords, if this option is selected, outlook will disable these link
    disable links
  17. what is a spoofed domain name
    it is a domain that is not what it appears to be
  18. what option if selected outlook will warn about possibly spoofed domain names in a messages
    warn me about
  19. what option if selected will postmark all messages as an anti-SPAM measure
    when sending email, postmark
  20. what is safe sender often referred to as
    white list
  21. what does OWA stand for
    outlook web access
  22. what information does the host contain in an A Record
    • owner name (host DNS name)
    • Host IP address
  23. what information does the name server contain in a NS Record
    • owner name (host DNS name)
    • name server DNS name
  24. what infromation does the mail exchanger contain in a MX Record
    • owner name
    • mail exchange server DNS name
    • preference number
  25. what information does the canonical name (alias) contain in a CNAME record
    • owner name (alias name)
    • host DNS name
  26. what does CNAME stand for
    canonical name
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