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    • windows assigns printer permission to six groups of users what are they
    • administrators
    • creator owner
    • everyone
    • power users
    • print operators
    • server operators
  1. of the six groups of user which one have full control (print, mange documents,manage printers)
    • administrator
    • power users
    • print operators
    • server operators
  2. what is the permissions of the group "everyone"
    they can only print
  3. what is the permission of the group "creator owner"
    they can only manage documents
  4. what is the framework that handles functionalities across CSEs, the group policy engine is in usernv.dll, which runs inside the winlogon service
    group policy engine
  5. what is a component of the windows operating system that provides interactive logon support
  6. what is used to configure folder redirection
  7. a GPO is a virtual object that stores it data in two locations where is that
    • in a group policy container
    • in a group policy template
  8. group policy setting are processed in what order
    • local group policy object
    • site
    • domain
    • organizational units
  9. a GPO is blocked from processing in the following circumstances what are they
    • the GPO is disabled
    • the computer or user does not have permission to read and apply the GPO
    • A WMI filter applied to a GPO evaluates to "false" on the client computer
  10. what does GPMC stand for
    group policy management console
  11. what does MMC stand for
    microsoft management console
  12. what are the three primary tools used to administer group policy
    • Microsoft group policy management console (GPMC)
    • group policy object editor
    • resultant set of policy (RSoP) snap-in
  13. what is done when the disk labeled GPMC is inserted
    run the GPMC.msi
  14. what syntax is used to ignore all processing optimizations and reapplies all setting
  15. what is the file name of WSUS
  16. what is the first step in creating a trust
    open active directory domains and trusts
  17. at a minimum, every messaging system in a messaging environment requires the following ?
    • a message transport mechanism
    • a list of all users in the messaging system
    • a place to store messages until the client retrieves them
    • an interface that e-mail clients can use to communicate with a server in the messaging environment
  18. what are the exchange server 2003 message components
    • directory
    • message transfer subsystem
    • message store
    • user agent
  19. what is message store
    • in exchange server 2003, the message store stores e-mail messages and other items in mailboxes and public folders
    • also contains messages tables that the transfer subsystem uses to store messages temporarily when messages are routed from on server to another
  20. what are the exchange server 2003 networking components
    • IP and TCP
    • DNS
    • DHCP and WINS
    • Active directory
    • windows sockets
    • internet information services (IIS)
    • security subsystem
    • windows I/O manager
  21. what are the five recipient objects that are contained in exchange server 2003 organization
    • mailbox-enabled user accounts
    • mail-enabled user accounts
    • mail-enabled contacts
    • mail-enabled groups
    • mail-enabled public folders
  22. exchange server 2003 supports what two stores
    • mailbox stores
    • public folder stores
  23. each store is a logical database that includes two database files what are the first and the second
    • the first file is the steaming database file (.stm)
    • the second file is the MAPI database file (.edb)
  24. what sets age and size limits for messages, and then it finds and processes messages that exceed those limits
    mailbox manager
  25. under what settings does a 500-KB message will never be processed, regardless of how old it is
    the default settings
  26. what are the two ways recipients can be created
    • active directory users and computers
    • programmatically using APIs
  27. what are the two interaction occurs through what MMC snap-ins
    • exchange system manager
    • active directory users and computer
  28. what does WMI stand for
    windows management instrumentation
  29. what is a specialized MMC console that helps manage the exchange organization
    exchange system manager(exchange system manager.msc)
  30. what does exchange system manager use to gather data from the exchange store to display mailboxes
  31. what includes features to configure system-wide settings
    global setting
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