English Vocab #7

  1. choleric
    adj. hot-tempered, quick to anger
  2. circumspect
    adj. cautious
  3. circumvent
    v, to surround, encompass (esp. war)
  4. clone
    n. something considered exactly the same as another, an imitation of another object v. to make identical copies of
  5. coerce
    v. to constrain or restrain by a superior force or authority, to force into an action or state
  6. confiscate
    adj. deprived of property as forfeited v. to seize by authority, to take forcible possession of
  7. continuum
    n. a continuous thing without division into partys
  8. conundrum
    n. puzzling question or problem, a dilemma
  9. copious
    adj. abounding in information, large vocabulary, plentiful, abundant
  10. corpulent
    adj. fat, obese
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English Vocab #7
English Vocab #7