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  1. start doing sth that requires a lot of energy or time;
    set about sth (doing sth)
  2. start a journey;
    set out
  3. beginning of sth;
  4. begin life existence or a profession in a particular way;
    start off/start out
  5. stop sth that had already started;
    call off
  6. end or stop coming;
    dry up
  7. stop or interrupt;
    break off
  8. finish the last part of the work ;
    finish off
  9. finish sth easily and quickly (+ about food and drinks);
    polish off
  10. collect things together usually after finishing work (a project);
    pack up
  11. 1) stop doing or having sth 2) stop doing sth because it's too difficult ;
    give up
  12. reduce the amount or number of sth ;
    cut down
  13. gradually relax after sth tiring or stressful;
    wind down
  14. gradually end or disappear (usually in a disappointing way);
    fizzle out
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