Blue Book missing bits

  1. 15 Restaurant N1 "Westland Place, N1 West Side
    • Off City Road, North Side
    • from south f Bath Road, R City Road, L Westland Place
    • from East F City Road, R Westland Place SDOL
    • St Agnes Well, City Road, R Westland Place SDOL"
  2. 999 Club SE8 "Deptford Broadway
    T/A L Harton Street, R Vanguard St, R Tanners Hill, R Deptford Broadway SDOL"
  3. Abercrombie and Fitch, W1 "42 Saville Row, West Side, Two way.
  4. Action for Blind People "14 Verney Road SE16
    From Old Kent Road, L Rotherhithe New Road, or R St James Road, R Verney Road SDOR"
  5. Acton Lane Junction of Abbey Road, and Park Royal Road
  6. Archbishop Tennison School, SE11 Kennington Oval, Opposite the Oval
  7. Armourer and Brasiers Hall "Coleman Street,
    • LOL, R Basinghall Ave, L Basinghall Street, LoR Gresham Street.
    • Enter from Moorgate, lor Kings Arms Yard, R Coleman St SDOR"
  8. Armoury Sports Centre, NW3 Pond Street. Opposite Royal Free Hospital
  9. Arsenal FC Drayton Park/Hornsey Road
  10. "Artesian Well PHub, SW8
    and Lost Society (nextdoor)" Wandsworth Road, South Side no restriction son junction of Silverthorne & North Street Road
  11. Aubergine Restaurant, SW10 "11 Park Walk, South Side, off Fulham Road, just before Chelsea and Westminster Hospital going West.
    One Way. i.e LOL Park Walk, L Elm Park Road, L or R Beaufort Street (no right turn fulham road) use Elm Park Gardens"
  12. Balham Youth Court "217 Balham High Road SW17
    • SDOL OR R L on L O R
    • LOL 1st L Ritherdon Road LOR Bedford Hill, 2nd left tooting bec road (No right into trinity road from balham hight road
    • LOR first L Balham Park Road, 2nd l cheshnut grove/r balham station road
    • SET DOWn from tooting bec road, use R Doctor Johnson Ave, F Hillbury Roda, R Ritherdon Rd, L Bushnell Rd, F Cloudesdale Rd, L Elmfield Rd, L Balham Hight Road SDOL"
  13. Barclays Bank HQ Churchill Place, LOL only, comply Cartier Circus, Lve South Collonade, F West India Avenue, West Ferry Circus
  14. Barnes Hospital "South Worple Way, SW14 SDOL LOL Hospital Forecourt
    • R South Worple Way, LOR White Hart Lane
    • L South Worple Way, L Church Ave, R Vernon Road, L&R Sheen Lan"
  15. Beatles Shop "Baker Street West Side
    Before Marylebone Road"
  16. Bedroom Bar Rivington St, South Side
  17. Bermondsey Station Jamaica Road East: LOL, R Bevington St, R Scott Lidget Crescent, R Janeaway, R Wilson Grove, L Jamaica Road. West: R St James's Rd, L Clements Rd, L Southwark Park Road, L Jamaica Rd, SDOL
  18. Bermondsey Wall East to West and Reverse "Lve by George Row, L Chamber St, R Bevington St, L Scott Lidget Terrace, R Janeaway St, L Wilsons Grove, R Pottery St, L Marigold St, R Bermondsey Wall East.
    Reverse: Lve by Cherry Garden St, R Pottery St, L Wilsons Grove, R Janeaway St, L Scott Lidget Terrace, R Bevington St, L Chamber St, L George Row, R Jacob St, R Mill St, L Bermondsey Wall East"
  19. Blakemore Hotel "30 Leinster Gardens W3
    • SDOL OR R L ON L or R on west side
    • LOL L Leinster Place 1st right queens gardens l&r devonshire terrace r chilworth st, L&R Gloucester Terrace, 2nd r cleveland gardens, f cleveland ter, l (forced) gloucester terrace, LR Bishops Bridge Road
    • LOR 1st l craven hill gardens, f leinster terrace, 2nd L lancaster gate r forced bayswater road"
  20. Blue Elephant Restaurant "4 Fulham Broadway SW6
    • LoL Fulham Broadway, either R North End Road or Forward Fulham Road
    • Lor Fulham Broadway, R Harwood Road or F Fulham Road R Hortensia Road or L Finborough Road"
  21. Blue Cross Animal Hospital SW1 "1-5 Hugh Street SW1.
    • LOL L St Georges Drive (oneway) 1st l&r ecclestone sq 2nd warwick way.
    • LoR (forced Left) Ecclestone Bridge L&R Buckingham Palace Road
    • Set down: Belgrave Road, L Hugh St, SDOL
    • Elizabeth Brdge, L Hugh St SDOR"
  22. Borderline Club "Orange Yard Manette Street W1
    North Side just off Charing Cross Road north bound only"
  23. Boisdale Restaurant, SW1 "15 Eccelstone Street, SW1
    • West Side One Way
    • enter from Buckingham Palace Road, or Ecclestone Bridge.
    • LOL lor Kings Road, or F Belgrave Place"
  24. Boisdale Restaurant SW1 "Ecclestone Street (West Side, past Buckingham palace Road) one way
    • 1st left chester Square, l o r elizabeth st.
    • or F&L&R Eaton Sq or F Belgrave Place.
    • or 1st R Chester Square, R Eaton Sq, Lower Belgrave St, L Buckingham Palace Rd"
  25. Bow Police Stables Bow Road, down in Addington Road, on East Side
  26. "Bonny Street, NW1
    • Camden Road Station" "Camden Street, L Bonney Street SDOL
    • From Royal College Street, L Ivor ST, L Prowse Place, L Bonney St SDOL"
  27. Bridge Club "Weston Street, SE1
    on West Side one way going south"
  28. Browns Hotel, W1 "

    Albemarie St,

    • SDOL LOL only one way

    • LOL L&R Grafton Way, (L Grafton, F Dover St, R Forced Hay Hill, L&R Berkeley ST

  29. British Darts Organisation "2 Pages Lane N10. SOuth Side
    • LOL Pages Lane, L Tetherdown, L Queens Ave or R Fortis Green Road
    • LOR R Colney Hatch Lane, F Muswell Hill Broadway
    • "
  30. Brownlow Mews WC1 Roger Street, small road between Guildford St and Roger Street, run parallel with Doughty and Grays Inn Road, No Restrictions
  31. Burburry Factory "Chatham Place
    • Mare St, Darnley St, Elsdale St, L into Chatham Place SDOL
    • Lve Chatham Place, L Morning Lane, R only into Mare St
    • or Left Pownall St, L Vallette, R Paragon Road LOR Mare Street"
  32. Cadogan Hall, SW1 Sloane Terrace, North Side off Sloane Ave
  33. Camberwell Magistrates Court "D'Eynesford Road, LoL Camberwell Church Street, L(Forced) Kimpton Rd, R Elmington Road, R Benhill Road, L Peckham Road, or R Camberwell Church Street.
    • or LOR DEnesford Road, R&L Camberwell Green, F Denmark Hill, L Orpheus St, R Daneville Road, R Denmark Hill or F Coldharbour Lane.
    • Not Right turn into Camberwell Road from D'Eynsford"
  34. Campbell Court, SW7 "Gloucester Road East Side, junction of Queens Gate Gardens,
    • LOR Gloucester Road, F Palace Gate
    • LOL Gloucester Road, x cromwell, L Stanhope Gardens, or R Harrington Gardens"
  35. Camberwell Leisure Centre "Artichoke Place, Lvb forced L Camberwell Church Street,L&R Vicarage Grove, R Benhill Rd, R Camberwell Church Street.
    Lve Camberwell Road, Lvb Artichoke Place, L Camberwell Church St, L Kimpton Rd, L Elmington Rd, R Lomond Grove, L Bowyer Place, R Camberwell Road"
  36. Canal Cafe Theatre "Westbourne Terrace Road/Delemare Terrace Road West Side
    • LOL Forced Delamere Terrace 2nd L Bloomfield Rd, R Clifton Villas or R Formosa St, L&R Warwick Ave.
    • LOR L (Forced) Harrow Road, comply Harrow Road Cir.
    • To Set Down Harrow Road Eastbound, L Wesbourne Terrace Road SDOL"
  37. Caroline House, w2 "132 Bayswater Road, W2
    • North side, nLol Queensway
    • lor 1st r orme ct 2nd st peterburgh pl
    • housing estate"
  38. Cargo Club Rivington Street, North Side right into from Curtain Road
  39. Cardington St Junction of Melton St, and Hampstead Road
  40. Central School of Ballet "10 Herbal Hill, EC1 West Side (off Clerkenwell Road)
    between Farringdon and Roseberry, one street east of Back Hill"
  41. Cecconis Retaurant "Burlington Gardens W1
    • North Side SDOL LOL
    • In from New Bond Street or Old Burlington St"
  42. Charing Cross Hospital Fulham Palace Road
  43. Chelsea arts club "West Side LOL LOR Fulham Road, F Onslow Gardens L Onslow Gardens R Cranley Gardens etc
    LOR LOR Kings Road or Forward one way old church street, LOR Chelsea Embankment"
  44. Church of England Childrens Society "91-93 Margery Street WC1 one way
    • Enter from Amwell St (Roseberry Ave or Pentonville Road/Penton St) SDOL
    • Lve LOL Lor Farrington Road, or f Calthorpe St"
  45. Clapham Picture House, SW4 "Venn Street, SW4
    • Bottom of Venn Street, on West Side one way
    • LOL L Bromwells Rd to the Pavement
    • LOL and F Venn Street, R Stonhouse Road, LOR Clapham High Street"
  46. Clarkes Restaurant W8 "124 Kensington Church Street East Side
    • LOL R Sheffield Terrace, 1st L Horton, 2 L&R Campden Hill Rd.
    • LOR L&R Nottinghill Gate"
  47. Cleveland Square Devonshire Terrace, W2
  48. Clapham Police Station, SW8 Union Grove, South Side, enter from Wandsworth Road or Union Road
  49. Cockpit Theatre "Gateforth Street, West Side
    • Enter from Lisson Grove, Church Street, R Gateforth St SDOL
    • LOR Gateforth Street, R Church Street (One Way), LOR Edgeware Road"
  50. Coconut Grove Cafe N1 226 St Pauls Road, on corner of Highbury Grove, SDOL LOL only
  51. Colony Club W1 24 Hertford Street, W1, Two Way North Side, LonL or R, LOL comply Park Lane Mini roundabout, lve Park Lane or Hamilton Place, LOR Herford, R Curzon St etc
  52. Comedy Cafe "Rivington Street south side
    • Just of Curtain Road, R into Rivington Street, SDOR
    • LOR out into Shorditch High Street"
  53. Columbia Hotel 95 Lancaster Gate W2 "West Side, LOL Hotel Forecourt, L Lancaster Gate, L&R Bayswater Road.
    • Set down nottinghill gate, F Bayswater Road, L&R Lancaster Gate, L Hotel Forecourt SDOL
    • East Side, L&R Lancaster Gate, L Hotel Forecourt SDOL"
  54. Columbo Centre, SE1 "Columbo Street. (Sport centre)south side one way north bound
    • LOR Columbo Street, LOR Blackfriars Road
    • Set Down. Stamford St, LOR Paris Gdns, L Columbo St
    • or Blackfriars Rd, LOR Maymott St, R Columbo St, SDOR"
  55. Conrad Hotel, SW10 "Chelsea Harbour Street SW10
    • LOL Chelsea Harbour Drive,
    • L Harbour Ave, or F Lots Road, or R Lots Road"
  56. Conran Shop W1 "Marylebone High Street East Side Top, LOL 1st Beaumont St 2nd Devoshire St, 3rd Weymouth St
    LOR Forced L Marylebone Road, R York Gate"
  57. Courthouse Doubletree Hotel "19-21 Great Marlborough Street W1
    North Side, SDOL or R LOL or R"
  58. Crutched Friars "Hart Street, Jewry St
    • LoR Aldgate from Jewry
    • or R Coopers Row from Cructched Friars"
  59. Crofton Leisure Centre Sinclair Place (GONE), Lve by Sinclair Place, R Manwood, R Bexhill, R Ladywell, L Algernon R Loampit Vale ETC
  60. Curtains Up Theatre W14 "Vereker Road, West Side near top
    • LOR R Comeragh, R Palliser Rd, then either L Margarvine Gardens or F Gliddon Rd/.
    • LOR L Castletown Rd, LOR North End Road
    • LOR F Vereker Rd L&R Star Rd, (R Star Rd F Greyhound Rd)"
  61. Danish Church, NW1 "4 Saint Katherine's Precinct
    Outer Circle North East Side"
  62. Cuming Museum, SE17 Walworth Road, on East Side LOL Only
  63. Danubius Hotel Regents Park NW8 "18 Lodge Road North Side, SDOL LOL Hotel Forecourt
    L&R Lodge Rd, L (Forced) Park Road, compy St Johns Wood Circus. R Lodge Rd 1st R Oak Tree Rd, L&R St Johns Wood Road, 2nd L&R Lisson Grove"
  64. Daphnes Restaurant, SW3 "Draycott Avenue, SW3
    LOR Only, L Fulham Road, or R Brompton Road, or F Pelham St"
  65. Debenhams W1 "Oxford Street,
    • North Side, LOL first right New Bond Street 2nd left and right regent street
    • LOR 1st left North Audley, 1st Marylebone Lane 2nd right portmand street"
  66. David Beckham Acadamey "East Parkside SE10 (closing down)? SDOL LOR.
    • LOR L Edmund Halley Way, 1st Left West Parkside, R John Harrison Way comp. 2nd L Millenium Way
    • set down. i.e. Slip Road, L Millenium Way, R Edmund Halley Way, R East Parkside SDOLdavid B
    • "
  67. Diana Hotel, SE21 Thurlow Park Road, South Side, i.e. R Rosendale Road SDOL
  68. Diner Restaurant NW10 "Chamberlayne Road.
    North West Side, (Greyhound Pub)??"
  69. Dixon Road, SE14 Junction of Laurie Grove, Lewisham Way
  70. Dulwich Library, SE22 "Eynella Road, SE22
    LOL LOR Court Lane, LOR LOR Lordship Lane or Forward Barry Road"
  71. Du Cane Court, SW17 "Balham High Road, SW17 West Side
    i.e. Balham Hill, Balaham High Road, SDOR opposite Elmfield Road"
  72. Durrants Hotel, W1 "26 George Street, W1
    • North Side of George Street, two way
    • LOL forced R Spanish Place, forward Manchester Sq. L Hinde, L Thayer St
    • LOR first right Manchester Street
    • LOR"
  73. Edwardes square "Kensington High Street W8
    one way, lor out"
  74. Dyers Hall "Dowgate Hill, LOR only, R College St, R College Hill, LOR Canon Street
    R Dowgate Hill, R College St, F Skinners Lane, F Little Trinity Lane, BL Great Trinity Lane, L Queen Victoria St."
  75. E&O Restaurant, W11 Blenheim Crescent north side, Corner of Kensington Park Road, LonR first left and right is Kensington Park Road
  76. Electoral Reform Sociey "Chancel Street, SE1
    From East Side Blackfriars Road LOR into Nicholson Street, Reform Society is Facing in Chancel Street"
  77. Empress of India Restaurant E9 Lauriston Road, West Side.
  78. Elephant and Castle Station SE17 Elephant Road. between Walworth Road and New Kent Road one way, forced left New Kent Road
  79. English Folk Dance & Song Society, NW1 "2 Regents Park Road,
    North Side, just after Gloucester Ave, in Cecil Sharpe House"
  80. Embargo Club SW10 "Lots Road SW10 East Side
    Junction of Kings Road"
  81. Embassy Theatre, NW3 "Eton Avenue, NW3
    • LOL Only not one way, R Wellington Rd, LOR Adelaide Road.
    • LOR Eton Road, R Primrose Hill Rd, or F Englands Lane, or L Belsize Park Gardens"
  82. Euston Station Melton Street, NW1 SDOL LOR
  83. Everyman Theatre, NW3 5 Holly Bush Vale, i.e. Heath Street northbound, L Holly Bush Vale SDOL.
  84. Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, N1 Canonbury Road, East Side. No Restrictions
  85. Fabric Club EC1 Charterhouse St, just past Smiths Restaurant on north side
  86. Firecrest Drive, NW3 Opposite Whitestone Pond, off West Heath Road
  87. Fasset Square E8 Graham Road, North Side
  88. Fetter Lane West Side "lon L or Right
    L Fetter Lane F New Fetter Lane"
  89. Fitzrovia Grange Hotel "20-28 Bolsover Street W1 on East Side one way
    • enter from New Cavendish St, just past Great Titchfield St
    • Lve or R Bolsover l Osnaburgh st r great portland st, lor marylebone road
    • Lve on R Bolsover L Carburton St, L Great Portland St, R New Cavendish St"
  90. Flower Pot Club, NW5 "Kentish Town Road (Ex Bullet Club)
    • SDOL LOL
    • LOL Castle Rdl, L Castlehaven Road, F Hawley Road, LOR Kentish Town Road
    • Set down from kentish town road northside l farrier st,l royal college st, f kentish town sdol"
  91. GLoucester Circus, SE10 Set between Royal Hill/Crooms Hill, just above Burney Street
  92. Freddie Mercury Plaque 1 Logan Place W8 Its a wall with graffiti on SDOL LOL One way LOL L&
    R Cromwell Cres (L Cromwell Cress, L(Forced) West Cromwell Road,R L&
  93. Fulham Fc "Stevenage Road, SW6
    • LOL R Harbord St, L Fulham Palace Road, R Lillie Rd
    • LOR L Finlay St, R Fulham Palace Road, comply Lve Fulham Road or Fulham High Street"
  94. Gilgamesh Restaurant NW1 Chalkfarm Road, in Stables Market
  95. George Lane, SE13 On East Side of Lewisham High Street, just before Rushey Green
  96. George & Dragon Hall, W11 "Mary Place South Side, LOR Mary Place LOR Walmer Road
    LOL Mary Place, R Sirdar, L Stoneleight, LOR St Annes Road"
  97. Gibson Hall, EC2 Bishopgate West Side
  98. Gordon Hospital SW1 "Bloomburg Street.
    • LOL forced Vauxhall Bridge Road
    • 1st left john islip st, no left into Rampayne but can do right.
    • LOR forced into Vincent Square lvb Udall St, L&R Vauxhall Bridge Road or Lvb Walcott St, L&R Rochester Row or lvb Elverston St, L&R Horseferry ROad.
    • SET deom Vauxhall Bridge Road. No rights turns.
    • from west or south use Warwick Way, r Vauxhall Bridge Rd, L Bloomburg SDOR.
    • from East use Regency St, R Vincent St, comply Vincent Square lvb Bloomburg St SDOL
  99. "
  100. Giraffe Cafe W1 "Blandford W1, SDOL LOL only
    • LOL L Marylebone High Street.
    • Set Down: Manchester St, LOR Blandford St or Baker St, L Blandford St, SDOL
    • "
  101. Grand Union Bar and Grill SE11 "111 Kennington Road, East Side,
    • below Walcot Square ?
    • "
  102. Gore Hotel, SW7 "190 Queens Gate, East side up top near Kensington Road
    LOL only, first Left Bremner, L Jay mews, LOR Kensington Road,"
  103. Grange St Pauls Hotel "Godliman Street EC4
    • East Side
    • from Queen Victoria St West Bound, L Godliman St SDOL"
  104. Greedy Cow Restaurant, E3 Grove Road, LOL only forced left Mile End Road, Turnaround Tredegar Sq
  105. Greenhill Rents, EC1 Charterhouse Street SDOL North side
  106. Hampstead police stn "Rosslyn hill east side
    junction of downshire hill"
  107. Hackney Forge E9 "Banbury Road, West Side.
    From Lauriston Road, LOR Southborough Rd, R Banbury Road SDOR"
  108. Handel House Museum "25 Brook St W1
    • Lor Brook St, R New Bond St
    • Lor R Brook St, Comply Hanover Sq, lve harwood place, f hollies st, comply cavendish square"
  109. Haddon Hall Baptist Church SE1 18 Tower Bridge Road, East Side. No Restrictions
  110. Hampstead Cricket Club, NW6 "25 Lymington Road, North Side
    Between West End lane and Finchley Road"
  111. Hartley Jam Factory, SE1 "Green Walk
    i.e. Tower Bridge Road Southbound, R Green Walk Facing. no restrictions"
  112. Harbour Club, SW6 William Morris Way north side, off Townmead Road,
  113. Harbour Club, W2 Alfred Road, off Harrow Road on South Side
  114. Harringay Town Hall Hornsey Town Hall "Hatherley Gardens East Side
    Off Crouch Hil, LOR Haringey Park"
  115. Hazlitts Hotel, W1 6 Frith Street, East Side one way, off soho square, SDOL LOL
  116. Heals WC1 "194 Tottenham Court Road
    • 1st Right Capper St
    • SOR Lve on R
    • R Bayley St SDOR
    • 1st left howland st"
  117. Haymarket Hotel "Suffolk Place SDOR LOR
    • LOR L Forced Haymarket
    • set down Pall Mall East, L&L Suffolk Place
    • or Cockspur St BR Gap, F&L Suffolk Place, SDOR"
  118. Hilton Hotel Docklands Rotherhite St, SE16
  119. Heart Hospital "Westmoreland Street, SDOL LOL Only One Way
    • enter from Weymouth St,
    • 1st R De Walden St, R Marylebone St,
    • 2nd R New Cavendish St
    • Set Down from Cavendish Square, R Wimpole, L New Cavendish St, R Marylebone St, R Weymouth St, R Westmoreland St SDOL
    • From Marylebone High St, L Devonshire Street, R Beaumont St, F Westmoreland St SDOL"
  120. Herne Hill Station "Railton Road, LOL only, comply mini roundabout L Railton Road
    L Rymer St or F Atlantic Road"
  121. Holiday Inn Regents Park W1 "Carburton Street
    • LOR Carburton Street, R Bolsover, L Osnaburth St, R Great Portland St, F or Left Only Buses only right turn
    • to go east, forward Albany Rd, R Robert Street, L Hampstead Rd, R Cardington St, F Melton St, L OR Euston Road"
  122. Holiday Inn Mayfair Hotel "Berkeley Street W1
    • SDOL LOL Hotel Forecourt L Forced Berkeley St, L Forced Piccadilly No Right Turn
    • Set down from Berkeley Square
    • or from Piccaddily, use Stratton St, R Berkeley ST SDOL"
  123. Hong Kong Government Office, W1 "6 Grafton Street, W1 north side
    • LOR Grafton Street, R Hay Hill, LOR Berkeley St
    • "
  124. Hotel Indigo London Paddington "16 London Street, w2
    on west side going south just past conduit place, one way first L norfolk square, first right sussex gardens"
  125. Homerton Hospital "Homerton Grove E5,
    • in from Fenn St, R Homerton Row, F Homerton Grove SDOL
    • out LOL Homerton Grove, R Wardle St"
  126. Imperia Whaft Station, SW10 Harbour Avenue SW10, North Side not restrictions
  127. Hugos Restaurant "Lonsdale Road, south side
    • From Kilburn High Road, LOR Brondesbury Road,R Salusbury Road, R Lonsdale Road
    • or High Road Willesden, LOR Brondesbury Park, F Salusbury Road, L Lonsdale Road SDOR"
  128. Inmarsat, EC1 "Cowper Street, (Dead End) LOL SDOR
    • LOL Forced Tabernacle Street, R Paul St, R Leonard St.
    • To get to St Agnes Well, LOL L Tabernacle St, R Paul St, R Worship St, R City Road, comply st agnes well.
    • Set down from St Agnes Well, lvb City Road, L Epworth St, L Tabernacle St, L Lowper St, SDOR"
  129. Irish Club "2-4 Tudor Street, North Side
    • Forced Left into Bridge Street
    • LOR R Whitefriars LOR Fleet Street T/A"
  130. Jollys St Ermins Hotel, SW1 "Caxton Street, North Side One Way, enter from Victoria Street, Bondway, L Caxton SDOR,
    LOR Caxton, LOR Buckingham Gate"
  131. Islamic Centre England "140 Maida Vale
    opposite Kilburn Park Road, R into Maida Vale SDOR"
  132. Italian Building "Dockhead SE1
    • LOL L Parker Row
    • LOR L/R Jamaica Road
    • F Tooley St, F Jamaica Road L Dockhead SDOL"
  133. Jewish Chronicle, EC4 "25 Furnival Street, one way
    • from Fetter Lane, LOR into Norwich Street, L Furnival St SDOL
    • to lve, LOR Furnival St, Forced Left High Holborn, first right Red Lion St, R Sandland St, R Brownlow St, L High Holborn etc for turnaround"
  134. Kennington Road, Police Station, SE1 "Mead Row. SDOL & LOR
    LOR L&R Kennington Rd (R Kennington Road, L Westminster Bridge Rd or F Bayliss Road & L Kennington Rad, L&R Lambeth Road)"
  135. K West Hotel "Richmond Way.
    • Shepherds bush green, Rockley Road, Charecroft Way, Richmond way.
    • LOL Richmond way, L Sinclair Way, L Lower Addison Gardens, Forced Left Holland Road.
    • Sherherds Bush Road, R Netherwood Road, L Richmond Way SDOR"
  136. Kenton Road "Runs between Cassland Road and Morning Lane
    one way half way down southbound"
  137. Kings Place N1 "York Way
    One Way Street, LOR Wharfdale Road, L Kings Place, SDOR for Guardian Newspaper"
  138. Kilburn Park Station NW6 "Cambridge Avenue, LOL Forced Left Kilburn High Road, 1st Right Belsize Rd, West End Lane, 3 Quex Rd
    LOR Christchurch Ave, 1st R Chatsworth. 2nd L&R Willesden Lane"
  139. "Kenside Rise Station
    Station Terrace T/A" From Chamberlayne Road, Dagmar Gardens, Lindon Ave, Station Terrace SDOL
  140. King Edward VII Hospital for Officers W1 "Beaumount St, LOL OR R.
    • LOL (Forced) Weymouth Street, 1 left Upper Wimpole St, 1st Right Harley St, 2nd L&R Portland Pl
    • LOL and F Westmoreland St
    • LOR L&R Devonshire St, forced left into Marylebone High Street, r paddington st.
    • SET DOWN: Devonshire St, or Weymouth St SDOR"
  141. Kings College Hospital Denmark Hill/Bessamer Road SE5
  142. Kings Place, N1 90 York Way, (Guardian newspaper), enter from Wharfdale road, L Kings Place, SDOR LOR
  143. Kingswood Library SE21 "Seeley Drive LOL L Bowden Drive, LOR Dulwich Wood Park.
  144. Knightsbridge Cafe "5 William Street SW1
    enter from Lowdnes Square, fro William Street SDOR, Lve Knightsbridge southside left only"
  145. Lauderdale House N6 Highgate Hill, East Side, no restrictions
  146. La Petite Maison Restaurant, W1 "53-54 Brook's Mews W1
    Approach from Davies St, R Brooks Mews SDOL LOR"
  147. Lanesborough Hotel, SW1 "Lanesborough Place/Knightsbridge SDOL LOL.
    • LOL Lanesborough Place, R Grovesvenor Crescent comp belgrave square.
    • only way to set down is Grovesnor Place, L Knightsbridge, L Lanesborough Place, SDOL"
  148. Liberal Jewish Synagogue, NW8 "28 Saint Johns Wood Road. opposite Lords
    • LOL first left Lisson Grove
    • "
  149. Lemonia Restaurant "88 Regents Park Road
    • West Side, past primrose hill road,
    • LOL |R Gloucester Ave or L King Henrys Road"
  150. Limeburner Lane T/A Left Ludgate Hill, R Pilgrim St, R Pageant Master, L Ludgate Hill
  151. London Bubble SE16 "Elephant Lane, SDOL, LOR only.
    R Saint Mary Church St, F Rupac St. LOR Brunel Rd"
  152. Lobster Pot Restaurant, SE11 Kennington Lane, LOL only junction of Kennington Park Road/Newington Butts
  153. London Bridge Station "Railway Approach/London Bridge Street, SDOL LOL
    No Right Turn into Duke Street Hill from Borough High Street"
  154. London Fields "Landsdown Drive
    • Just of Mare Street, L OR Westgate Street, F into Landsdown Drive can get to it from Broadway Market going north or
    • Richmond Road Going South"
  155. London Oratory School SE6 Seagrave Road, at the bottom of road Westside. i.e. LOL Seagrave Road, L Hillyard etc to go West, or L Lillie Road or R Old Brompton Road
  156. London School of Economics, WC2 Houghton Street, off Aldwych SDOL LOR
  157. Long Lane Taxis "Southwark Bridge Road West Side
    Between Borough Road, and Great Suffolk St"
  158. Macowen Theatre, W8 "1 Logan Place W8 Its a wall with graffiti on
    • SDOL LOL One way
    • LOL L&R Cromwell Cres (L Cromwell Cress, L(Forced) West Cromwell Road,R L&R Pembroke ROad)
    • Only way to set down is Earls Court Road, R Logan Place (possible Lexham Gardens, F Logan Place SDOL"
  159. Loop Bar, W1 "Tenderden Street W1
    • LoR L Forced New Bond Street
    • LoL L Tenterden St, Comply Hanover Sq
    • Set Down comply Hanover Sq, Lvb Tenterden St, R Dering St SDOR"
  160. Loudon Road Roads Off, Belsize Circus, Marlborough Place, Carlton Hill
  161. Marriot Maida Vale Hotel, NW6 "Kilburn High Road, NW6 North West Side
    • i.e. Maida Vale, Kilburn High Rd, SDOR
    • LOL first Right Kilburn Park Road, 1st Left Kilburn Priory
    • LOR 1st Left Brondesbury Rd, 1st R Greville Rd, L Kilburn Priory
    • "
  162. Marriot Marble Arch Hotel, W1 "Forset Street, W1
    • LOL, LOR George St
    • LOR, Harrowby St"
  163. Made In China Restaurant SW1 Great Peter Street SW1 (junction of Monck st???
  164. "Mailing House
    • Bredgar House
    • St Mauritius House" Lewisham Park (Flats)
  165. Mailing House SE13 "Lewisham Park. Block of Flats
    i.e. Lewisham High Street, L Lewisham Park SDOR"
  166. Milestone Hotel, W8 Kensington Road South Side, i.e. after Palace Gate/Victoria Road SDOL No restrictions
  167. Millwall Football Club "Zampa Road/Stockhold Road
    • LOL Zampa Road, LoR Ilderton Road or F Verdun Road, L&R Ilderton Road
    • LOR Zampa Road, L Bolina, L+R Silwood St, LOR Rotherhithe New Road"
  168. Mary Janes Restaurant, EC3 One Way, West Side LOR only
  169. Medina Mosque Lea Bridge Road, East Side before roundabout
  170. Mexico Embassy, W1 16 Saint Georges Square, West Side, SDOL LOL only comply Hanover Sq
  171. Mary Janes Restaurant, EC3 "124-127 Minories EC3
    on West Side one way street southbound"
  172. Movida Nightclub, W1 "7-8 Argyle Street W1
    SDOR LOR only, LOR L forced Little Argyll Street, L Forced Regent Street, 1st Right Hanover Street,2nd right Conduit St, No right into Maddox St"
  173. Monument Station, EC4 "Fish Street Hill, SDOL LOL only
    • Lol (Forced) Eastcheap, L&R King William Street, or F Cannon St.
    • T/A for Eastcheap, LOL L Eastcheap, F Cannon St, R Abchurch Lane, R King William Street, L Eastcheap.
    • Set down from Cannon St. use F Eastcheap, R Botolph lane, R Monument St, R Pudding Lane, L Eastcheap, L Fish Street Hill, SDOR."
  174. Mortimer Market Left or Right in Gower St, R Grafton Way, L Huntley Street, R Caper Street, R into Mortimer Market
  175. My Hotel WC1 "

    Bayley Street

    LOR r Tottenham Court Road

  176. Mosaica@TheFactory Restaurant, N22 "Clarendon Road, in the chololate factory.
    from Mayes Road, L Cobourg Road, R Clarendon Road SDOR"
  177. Mothers Square E5 enter from Lower Clapton Road, north into Clarence Road, R into Mothers Square
  178. Mumtaz Restaurant NW1 Park Road, on East Side, at bottom of Park Road LOL only
  179. "New Cross Inn
    • New Cross Library
    • Deptford Town Hall
    • " "323 New Cross Road, North Side
    • New Cross Inn LOL Only North Side
    • New Cross Library no restrictions North Side
    • Deptford Town Hall Opposite Library on South Side"
  180. North Square NW11 Central Square, off Temple Fortune Hill. i.e. Hampstead Way, L Temple Fortune Hill, R North Square, F Central Square
  181. Odettes Restaurant Regents Park Road. East Side no restrictions
  182. My Old Dutch Restaurant, WC1 "132 High Holborn WC1 North Side One way
    • SDOR only, LOR 1st R Museum St 1st L Endell St.
    • Set down via Kingsway, or Proctor St"
  183. PC Laurence Brown Memorial, E8 "Pownall Road, E8
    • from queensbridge Road, R Pownall Road, SDOR
    • from Pritchards Road, L Regents Row, R Marlborough Ave, R Pownall Road SDOR"
  184. National Youth Theatre, N7 445 Holloway Road, SDOL East Side, LOL only inside Cinema?
  185. Papillon Restaurant, SW3 "96 Draycott Avenyue, SW3
    • (This is almost opposite Ixworth Place, on same side as Daphnes)
    • LoR LOR Brompton Road
    • Lor first left Ixworth Place
    • Run parallel to Kings Road, Brompton Road"
  186. Nightingale Square SW12 "Endelsham Road SW12
    • From Nightgale Lane west bound
    • L Endelsham Road, R into Nightgale Square"
  187. Peacock Theatre WC2 "Portugal Street, North Side One Way
    • LOL Portugal Street, L Portsmouth St, L Sardinia St or, F Lincoln Inn Fields, L Remanant or R Carey St, Forced Left Chancery Lane.
    • "
  188. Penn Club "21-22 Bedford Place WC1
    • LOL comply russell square lve by bedford way, woburn place or bernard st
    • LOR Comply bloomsbury square, lor southampton row, r bloomsbury sq, l great russel st"
  189. Pep-C Club "11 Haymarket SW1
    East Side just past Orange Street"
  190. Peckham Mosque "Cobourg Road SE5
    • Off Old Kent Road, Enter from Trafalgar Avenue, LOR into Neate Street, R Cobourg St SDOR
    • to leave Left only into Old Kent Road, to go right use Trafalgar Ave"
  191. Peckham Pulse "SDOR LOL Melon Road,
    North Side Peckham High Street,"
  192. Perry Hill SE6 From Catford Road South Side, LOR into Catford Hill, F Perry Hill
  193. Philip Lane "West Green Road, Alfoxton Ave, Greenlanes
    or LOL Tottenham High Road, R Monument Way."
  194. Pilot Inn Pub "River Way SE10, SDOL LOR.
    • LOL L&R West Parkside (R West Parkside, Edmund Halley Way.
    • L West Parkside, R John Harrison Way"
  195. Place Theatre WC1 "Dukes Road
    L Burton St, Comply Cartright Gardens, Lve Tavistock Place, L or F Tavistock Square"
  196. Playhouse Theatre, WC2 Northumberland Avenue, East Side, by Stn One Way LOL only first left Embankment Place
  197. Queen Elizabeth Street SE1 Tower Bridge Road/Shad Thames
  198. Pride Court, N1 "White Lion St, One Way, North Side.
    LOL only"
  199. Pond Square, N6 off Highgate High Street, L South Grove SDOR. lol or r
  200. Queens Park Library, W10 "666 Harrow Road, North Side, no restrictions
    • first main roads going west are Kilburn Lane, Ladbroke Grove
    • Eastbound, Portnal Rd or Elgin Ave, Great Western Road
  201. "
  202. Princes Grace Hospital W1 "42 Nottingham Place W1
    • Two Way, LOR forced left Marylebone Road
    • LOL forced right Paddington Street"
  203. Radisson Edwardian Berkshire Hotel, W1 "Marylebone Lane, W1. West Side
    • SDOR (dead end) LOL
    • enter from Henrietta Pl"
  204. Putney Bus Garage "Chelverton Road SW16. North Side
    • of Putney High St, Part Two way SDOL or R LOL only.
    • No restrictions coming in from Putney High Street
  205. "
  206. Putney Library "Disralie Road
    • Set down from Upper Richmond Road, LOR into Oxford Rd, L Disralie Road, SDOR
    • Lve R or F only, F Norroy Road, L Charlwood ROad, L Upper Richmond Road"
  207. Ragged School Museum, E3 "46 Copperfield Road, West Side.
    Between Ben Johnson Way & Rhodeswell Road"
  208. Ransomes Dock Parkgate Road, in between Albert Bridge Road and Battersea Bridge Road, North Side
  209. Rafayal Hotel "34 Lombard Road, Falcon Wharf
    North West Side, no restrictions"
  210. Regency Lodge, NW3 Adelaide Road. on Left going east bound no restrictions
  211. Random House, SW1 "Vauxhall Bridge Road, SDOL LOL only
    i.e. LOL F Bessborough Gardens, L John Islip"
  212. Rembrandt Hotel "11 Thurloe Place, SW7
    • SDOL LOL
    • LOL Thurloe Place, F Crowmwell Gardens, L Cromwell Place, or
    • LOL Thurloe Place, L Thurlow Sq, L South Terrace, LOR Brompton Road
    • Can use Brompton Square as Turnaround"
  213. Rathbone Hotel W1 "30 Rathbone Street W1
    • LOR Rathbone Street, R Charlotte St, L Percy Street, LOR TCR
    • "
  214. Red Club E1 Cable Street, one way going east, LOR Butchers Row
  215. Robson Road SE27 Norwood Road/Park Hall Road, just before Norwood High Street on East Side
  216. Red Square, N16 "Carysford Road/Piano Lane
    Road Between Clissold Crescent and Albion Road"
  217. Royal Lancaster Hotel Westbourne Street (in) out Lancaster Terrace
  218. Royal National Hotel WC1 Bedford Way. East Side, SDOR LonLOR. LOL L Russell Sq. LOR L Gordon Sq or R Tavistock Sq. Has own forecourt, only way to set down is to enter and leave via bedford way.
  219. Ridley Road Market E8 Ridley Road, off Dalston Lane
  220. Royal National Institute for the Deaf "Featherstone Street, south side
    • enter from Old Street, LoR into Mallow St, L Featherstone St SDOR.
    • LoR only forced left City Road, comply St Agnes Well "
  221. Royal Veterinary College NW1 East Side, SDOR from Crowndale Road
  222. Royal Free Hospital "Pond St SET DOWN
    Rowland Hill LEAVE"
  223. Rydges Kensington Plaza Hotel SW7 61 Gloucester Road, East Side, opposite church, just south of Queens Gate Gardens, no restrictions
  224. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) W1 "66 Portland Place East Side
    • LOL L Weymouth St LOR Hallam St (R forced Gt Portland St, L&R Clipstone St.
    • T/A Park Crescent, LOL L Weymouth, L Hallam St, L Devonshire St, R Portland Place L&R Park Crescent.
    • Set down from Langham Place, F&R Portland Place SDOL"
  225. Sadlers Wells Theatre "Roseberry Ave.
    T/A from St Johns Street, L Chadwell St, L Arlington Street, L Roseberry Ave SDOL"
  226. Saint Pancras International Station/Eurostar "Pancras Road SET DOWN
    Midland Road PICK UP"
  227. Saint Pauls Girls School, W6 "Brook Green, W6 East Side One Way
    • LOL Brook Green, LOR Shepherds Bush Road, R Back into Brook Green to get to Hammersmith Road LOR out
    • "
  228. Saint Georges Cathedral, SE1 "Lambeth Road SDOL LOR.
    LOR 1st R George Road, L&R Westminster Bridge Road, 2nd R&L Kennington Road"
  229. Saint Georges Hotel W1 "Langham Place,SDOR LOR Hotel Forecourt
    • L (Forced) Riding House St, L&R Langha Place (L Langham Place L Mortimor or F Regent St, F Oxford Circus.
    • LOR Langha Place, 1st L New Cavendish, 1st R Weymouth St"
  230. Saint Peters Italian Church EC1 "134 Clerkenwell Road. North Side, LOL L Farrindon Road, R Saffron Hill
    • T/A Theobalds Rd, LOL R Saffron Hill, R Hatton Wall, R Hatton Gardens, L Clerkenwell Rad.
    • Set down from East: Clerkenwell Rd, L Saffron Hill, R Hatton Wall, R Hatton Gdns, R Clerkenwell Road SDOL
    • "
  231. Saint Mary Abbots Court "Warwick Gardens W14
    • SDOR LOR
    • LOR Warwick Gardens L Pembroke Gardens, Compy Edwards Square, LOR Kensington High St
    • Set down from Kensington High Street, LOR Warwick Gardens SDOR
    • or from Addison Gardens F Warwick Gardens SDOR"
  232. Saint Peters Italian Church, EC1
  233. Saint Olaves Church "8 Hart Street EC3
    • From Great Tower Street, L Mark Lane, R Hart St SDOR
    • Lve on R Hart Street, F Crutched Friars (Right Coopers Row,Trinity Square LOR out Tower Hill, Lower Thames St"
  234. Soldiers Sailors & Airmens Families Association "Queen Elizabeth Street SE1
    • LOL R Shad Thames, L Jamaica Rd, or F Tanner St
    • LOR Forces L Towerbridge Road
    • set down from brick layers arms use tower bridge road, l fair st, r tooley st, l boss st, r queen elizabeth st sdol
    • set down from jamaica rd, r shad thames l queen elizabeth st sdor"
  235. Sanctuary House Hotel, W1 "Tothill Street, South Side, on corner of Dean Farrer out onto Victoria St.
    or L on L Tothill St,L Broadway, R Caxton St, LOR Buckingham Gate"
  236. Southwark (All Seasons) Rose Hotel, SE1 "Southwark Bridge Road, East Side.
  237. Santander House, EC4 "Limburner Lane, SDOR LOR only, forced left Ludgate Hill. T/A R Pilgrim, R Pageantmaster St, L Ludgate Hill.
    TO set Down use Old Bailey, L Limburner Lane SDOR"
  238. Seashell Restaurant, NW1 "Shroton Street, NW1
    • Junction of Lisson Grove, North Side
    • no restrictions"
  239. Southwark Car Pound, SE1 "Mandella Way.
    • i.e. Old Kent Road, L Mandella Way, L Mandella Way, Facing
    • Dunton Road, L Mandella Way, R Mandella Way, Facing"
  240. Sherlock Holmes Museum Baker Street East Side Before Marylebone Road
  241. Skinners Hall "Dowgate Hill West Side one way
    first right College St"
  242. Sportsman Casino "14-22 Old Quebec Street W1
    • SDOL OR R LOL or R
    • Lor R Bryanston ST L forced Portman St, F Portman Square or F Portman Mews, forced right Orchard St L&R Oxford St
    • LOR L Bryanston St L&R Gt Cumberland Place 2nd Left forced edgware road
    • only way to set down is oxford st, Lor Portman St, L Bryanston St, L Old Quebec St SDOL
    • or Gt Cumberland Place, R Bryanston St, R Old Quebec St SDOL"
  243. Smooth Radio Castelreagh St, LOR Brown Street, north is Harrowby St, South is George St
  244. Southwark Station "The Cut, Blackfriars road. SDOL LOL only
    From North or East. Bfriars Rd, L Scoresby St, R Gambia t, R Union St, R Bfriars RD SDOL"
  245. Stafford Hotel "St James Place north side SDOR LOL
    LoL St James Place, L St James St"
  246. Thai on the River Restaurant SW1 "Lombard Road/Vicarage Crescent
    • LOL F Vicarage Crescent F Battersea Square
    • LOR F Lombard Road"
  247. Still Luigis Restaurant, SE19 "129 Gipsy Hill SDOL LOR
    • LOL & LOR Gipsy Road
    • from auckland hill go Gypsy Road, R Oaks Ave, L Gipsy Hill SDOL"
  248. Sugar Hut Restaurant SW6 North End Road.West Side, just above Dawes Road
  249. Surrey Square, SE17 "Surrey Terrace/Alsace Road SE17
    I.e. Surrey Square, lve Surrey Terrace, LOR Old Kent Road or lve Alsace Road, LOR Thurlow St"
  250. Sydenham Police Station, SE26 "Willow Way North Side
    I.e.LOR Willow Way, R Kirkdale, LOR Sydenham Hill"
  251. Tintagel House "Albert Embankment, North Side.
    • LOL first right black prince road. LOR F Vauxhall Cross
    • "
  252. Tottenham Police Station "Tottenham High Road, East Side,SDOL LOL first left Monument Way
    T/A Tottenham High Road, R&L Stoneleigh Rd, L Factory Lane, R Wilson Avenue, L Dowsett Road, L High Road Tottenham SDOL"
  253. Sylvia Young Theatre School MOVED now in Nutford Place, North Side on junction of Seymour Place, Just Above George Street.
  254. Tavistock Centre, NW3 "Belsize Lane,
    • LOL F Ornan Road
    • LOR L College Crescent, or R Fitzjohns Avenue"
  255. Texture Restaurant "Portman Street W1
    • one way sdol lol only
    • LOL first Left Seymour St or forward and right portmand square
    • only way to set down is oxford street, or from bryanstone st sdol just before seymour st"
  256. Travelodge London Marylebone Hotel "Harewood Row NW1
    • SDOL LOL
    • LOL L&R Harwood Avenue, Only way to set down is Lisson Grove, LOR Harewood Row SDOL"
  257. Tulse Hill Station Station Rise, off Norwood Road East Side.
  258. The Boltons, SW10 "Gilston Road/Boltons Place
    • One Way North, L turn In no right turn from fulham road.
    • no right turn into old brompton road"
  259. Tiger PH, E9 "245 Wick Road (Junction, one way past nights west side) North Side
    • LOR 1st Hedgers Grove, L (Forced) Cassland Road, L&R Wick Road, or F Kenworthy Road, 2nd L Kenton Road, F Gascoyne Road/ 1st R Barnabas Road, L&R Homerton High Street
    • T/A East Cross Route, LOR -L Hedgers Grov, L Cassland Road, R Wick Road, R East cross route.
    • Set down from Homerton High Street, use R Kenworthy Road, L Wick Road, R Victoria Park Road, R Brookfield Road, L Wick Road SDOR"
  260. Tooting Bec Lido SE16 "Tooting Bec Road SW16 north side
    • LOL 1st R Aldingon Rd x mitcham rd f eardley rd,. greyhound r.
    • 1st Left Garrads Rd, l bedford Hill
  261. "
  262. Utopia Market, NW1 "Chalcot Road.
    From Albert Terrace, L Regents Park Road, R Fitzroy Rd, R Chalcot Rd SDOL"
  263. Tower Hamlets Town Hall E14 "Mulberry Place South Side.
    • Lol Clove Crescent, R Nutmeg Lane, L Saffron Ave, Comply Leamouth Circus.
    • or Saffron Ave, L Oregano Drv, R Sorrell Lane, L Leamouth Road, L&R East India Dock Road.
    • or LOL Clove Crescent, R Nutmeg Lane, L Saffron Ave, L Rosemary Drv, L Coriander Ave, R Nutmeg Lane, L East India Dock Road"
  264. Transport for London Lost Property Office "200 Baker Street
    East Side before Marylebone Road"
  265. Walcot Square, SE11 "Kennington Road/Sullivan Road
    East Side. Between Lambeth Road and Kennington Lane"
  266. Wally Fosters Community Centre, E5 Homerton Road, north side no restrictions
  267. Turf Club "Carlton House Terrace
    • LOL R Carlton Gardens, forced left Pall Mall
    • LOR L Waterloo Place, L forced Pall Mall
    • only way to set down is Pall Mall, L Waterloo Place, R Carlton House Terrace or St James Sq, R Pall Mall, L Carlton Gdns, L Carlton House Ter, SDOR"
  268. Unicorn Theatre, SW18 Tooley Street, North Side, just past Bermondsey Street, first right Druid Street, F Crucifix Lane etc or Forward Tooley, lor towerbridge road
  269. Union Jack Club "Sandell Street
    LOR Forced Cornwall Road, LoR The Cut, (R The Cut, L&R Waterlook Road or F Bayliss Road)"
  270. Vortex Jazz Club, N16 "Gillett St, LOL lor Boleyn Road, L Boleyn Road, LOR Kinglands High St.
    R Boleyn Road, L Mildmay Rd, R Crossway, F Shacklewell Road"
  271. Wellington Hospital, NW8 "Wellington Place, NW8 (next to Lords)
    • LOL, LOR into Wellington Road
    • F Wellington Road, R St Johns Wood High Street, "
  272. YMCA Barbican EC1 "Fann Street, South Side.
    Street on East Side of Goswell Road"
  273. West Hampstead Station (TUBE) NW6 "West End Lane, East Side,LOL or R.
    • i.e LOL first left Broadhurst Gardens
    • "
  274. YMCA Indian Student Hostel W1 "Fitzroy St, W1
    • LOL Fitzroy St, F Charlotte St, R Goodge Street
    • LOL Fitzroy St, R Howland, F New Cavendish
    • LoL Fitzroy St, R Howland St, R Cleveland St, Forced L Euston Road
    • LOL Fitzroy St, L Maple Street, F University St, R Gower Street"
  275. West Hampstead Station Thameslink "West End Lane West Side SDOL or R.
    i.e. Lol first left Iverson Road"
  276. YMCA London City EC1 "8 Errol St South Side.
    • from Golden Lane, R Fortune St, R White Crescent, L Erroll SDOR.
    • "
  277. West Norwood Tennis & Squash Club SE27 "Cheviot Road SE27 North Side
    • LOL L&R Knights Hill (L Knights Hill, L St Julians Farm Road)
    • LOR L&R Lamberhurst Rd (L Lamberhurst Rd, R Leaf Grv L&R Leigham Court Road
  278. "
  279. York and Albany Hotel, NW1 "Parkway
    LOL only parkway going west first left Albandy road, or foward Gloucester Gate, or right Prince Albert Road"
  280. Westminster Cathedral, SW1 "Ambrosden Avenue
    • LOL L&R Thirleby Rd (L Thirleby Rd, L&R Victoria St.
    • LOR - L&R Francis St (R Francis St, Forced Left Vauxhall Bridge Road)"
  281. Young Actors Theatre "Barnsbury Road East Side SDOL Only
    T/A L Copenhagen St, R Hemingford Road, R Richmond ave, R Barnsbury Road, SDOL"
  282. Whittington Hospital "Magdala Avenue, N19
    Between Dartmouth Park Hill, Highgate Hill"
  283. Ziani Restaurant "45 Radnor Walk SW3 East Side
    • One Way, North Bound, LOR LOR Kings Road
    • From Kings Road or Royal Hospital Road Enter Flood Street, R Redburn St, L Radnor Walk SDOR"
  284. Wild Honey Restaurant, W1 "12 Saint George Street W1
    • I.e. from Conduit Street, or Maddox Street north into St George St SDOL
    • LOL comply Hanover Sq"
  285. Smith Square, SW1 "Dean Stanley Street. Square off of Millbank.
    Lve by Dean Stanley St (millbank), Dean Bradley St (Horseferry Rd), Dean Trench St (Tufton St)"
  286. Wimbledon Windmill Museum SW19 "Wimbledon Road, SW19
    • LOR Wimbledon Road, LOR Wimbledon Parkside
    • R goes to Wimbledon High Street, Wimbledon Hill, L Alexander Road, F Gap Road, F Plough Lane etc"
  287. Wiltons Music Hall "LOR Graces Alley.
    R Ensign St, L Cable St"
  288. White Eagle Club, SEW17 "(Polish) Balham High Road, East Side
    Past Bedford Hill, but before Ritherdon Road"
  289. Chelsea Physic Garden, SW3 "Swan Walk/Royal Hospital Road South Side SW3 one way SDOL LOL only
    • LOL L&R Royal Hospital Road, L & 1st R Flood St
    • Set down: chelsea embankment, LorR into Tite St, L Dilke St, R Swan Walk SDOL.
    • From Royal Hospital Road, Lor Tite St, R Dilke, St R Swan Walk SDOL
    • "
  290. Peter Jones Collection Point 1 SW3 "Symons Street, south side one way east bound
    enter via cadogan gardens (two way)"
  291. Cecconis Restaurant, W1 Burlington Gardens. North Side
  292. Kennel Club "Clarges Street W1 east side, one way south bnd.
    • LOL forced left piccadilly, l stratton/r duke st st james
    • T/A to go west. Piccadilly, Stratton, Berkeley St, Berkeley Sq, Fitzmaurice, Curzon, Bolton Piccadilly
    • only way to set down, is berkeley sq, fitzmaurice, curzon, clarges sdol"
  293. London College of Fashion "John Princes St. W1 one way sth.
    • LOR 1st L Great Castle St, L forced Regent St.
    • L Margaret St for west or R Mortimer St, Gt Portland, Margeret east or south "
  294. Orrey Restaurant, W1 "(Conran Shop)Marylebone High Street, East Side. W1
    • LOR forced left Marylebone Road, 1st R york gate.
    • Set down from Marylebone Road SDOL"
  295. John Lewis Collection Points Old Cavendish Street. off Henrietta Place, SDOL LOR only, dead end into oxford street
  296. Shaftesbury Centre "Barlby Road, W10 North Side. LonL or R
    • LOL first major left Ladbroke Grove
    • LOR forced left High Lever"
  297. Leighton House Museum "Holland Park Road W14 north side
    • from Addison Road(oneway south) L Holland Park Road SDOL
    • LOL 1st left Melbury Road, R Abbotsbury Road
    • LOR forced Left Addison Road L&R Kensington High Street
    • Set down from Kensington High st use Melbury Road, L Holland Park Road SDOR"
  298. Bristol Cars, W14 "Kensington High Street, North Side after addison bridge, just before Holland Road.
    • T/A L Holland Road, R Napier Rd, R Addison Road
    • "
  299. Hyde Park Stables, W2 "Bathurst Mews. South Side
    • i.e. LOR Bathurst Mews, R Sussex Place, R Stanhope Terrace. L into Brook St or F and L into Westbourne St.
    • or L Sussex Place, LOR Sussex Gardens"
  300. Disabled Living Foundation, W9 "380 Harrow Road, North Side,
    • Lol 1st Left Sutherland Avenue
    • LOR 1st Right Chippenham Road, 2nd Right Elgin Ave, or Left Woodfield Road"
  301. Six Clerks Restaurant at The Law Society, WC2 "113 Chancery Lane, same as Law Society
    LOL only one way"
  302. Clarkes Restaurant W8 "124 Kensington Church Street East West
  303. Kingsway Hall Hotel WC2 Great Queen Street, South Side
  304. Toms Kitchen, SW3 "Cale Street South Side.
    • I.e. Elystand St, F Cale Street SDOL.
    • LOL Cale Street LOR Sydney Street"
  305. Old Vic Stage Door "Webber Street, West Side one way
    • LOL, LOR the Cut
    • SDOL enter from Gray Street (Waterloo Road) SDOL its a pub on the corner"
  306. Raglan Hall Hotel N10 "8-12 Queens Avenue. Northside
    • LOL Queens Ave, Comply Muswell Hill Broadway.
    • LOR Queens Avenue, BR Fortis Green Road, LOR High Road East Finchely
    • "
  307. Ziani Restaurant, SW3
    • "45 Radnor Walk East Side. One Way
    • Enter from St Leonards Terrace Tedworth Square, R Radnor Walk, SDOR
    • or from Kings Road, R Flood Street, L Resdesdale St, F Tedworth Sq, L Radnor Walk SDOR.
    • LOR LOR Kings Road"
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