English Vocab #6

  1. camaraderie
    n. comradeship, friendship
  2. canopy
    n. a covering
  3. capitulate
    v. to surrender on certain terms
  4. carnivore
    n. person that is not a vegitarian, a meat-eater
  5. carrion
    n. dead rotting flesh
  6. cascade
    n. a waterfall, something looking like a waterfall v. to pour like a waterfall
  7. cataclysm
    n. a political or social upheaval which sweeps away the order of things, a violent upheaval or change
  8. cataract
    n. a watefall (larger than cascade), an eye abnomality v. to pour like a cataract, to fall in a cataract
  9. cavalier
    n. a knight, horseman, a lady's partner in a dance adj. careless in manner v. to act as an escort
  10. chastise
    v. to accuse, to inflict punishment or suffering upon, to criticize severely
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English Vocab #6
English Vocab #6