Truck ops

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  1. in a traction type elevator, what device is used instead of a drum to hoist the elevator?
    traction sheave, over which the cables are attached to the car at one end with counterweights at the other end
  2. Where would a responding truck company normally find the machine room for a geared traction machine elevator for a high rise building?
    Roof penthouse
  3. which type of elevator is designed for high speed operation?
  4. The upward and downward momentum of an elevator is slowed primarily by which device?
  5. Which of the could be classified as an electric elevator?
    drum and traction
  6. what type of lock would you expect on an aluminum glass frame door used in a commercial setting?
  7. what safety device has been installed on al elevators manufactured after 1973?
    fire service controls
  8. what are the 2 basic elevator systems used in the US?
    hydraulic and electric
  9. Which of the following would be considered an auxiliary lock?
    padlock, slide lock, etc. mounted on inside
  10. Each of the glass louvers in a jalousie window is approximately how many inches in width?
  11. which of the following windo glazing is chemically different than the others?
  12. how many sheets are usually used in constructing a sheet curtain overhead door?
  13. which of the following types of windows would be classified as swinging windows?
    hopper, jalousie, awning, casement, projected
  14. which of the following buildings would you most likely to find a hydraulic elevator?
    5 story constructed before 1920
  15. you are performing an elevator rescue in a 3 story office bldg.  you force open the elevator doors to access the hoistway, and note there are no cable s in the shaft.  What does this mean?
  16. how many different elevator manufacturers are there?
    more than 60
  17. attempting to pry open an outward swinging door with a halligan bar is usually ineffective.  T/F?
  18. which of the following doors does not belong?
  19. where are the gib blocks located?
    at the bottom of the hoistway door
  20. the metal, wood, or vinyl framework that supports the glazing of the window is called?
  21. what is the max amount of time that one forceable entry method should be attempted before switching tactics?
  22. Which of the following elevators is designed to hoist cars in buildings at least 15 stories high?
  23. which of the following techniques is usually the fastest way to remove horizontal security bars from one side of a window in a wood frame stucco near the anchor points?
    flat head or pickhead axe to strike horizontal bars near anchor points
  24. where would you find the equipment for a drum type elevator system?
  25. the elevator has been lowered manually to the door lock zone.  The passengers can't open the doors.  Why are the doors failing to operate?
    the power is shut down
  26. what technique is employed as a method of last resort to rescue passengers from a diabled blind elevator?
    breach a shaft wall
  27. which of the following requires a rotary saw rather than an axe to breach?
    stationary lexan
  28. which of the following occupancies would most likely be fitted with a panic or push type door?
  29. where is the elevator's emergency stop located?
    top or bottom under a cover at the demarcation line
  30. what are 2 types of traction type elevators that firefighters may encounter?
    high speed direct traction and gearless
  31. what causes ladders to slide along a building once applied?
    1 side is unsupported
  32. what type of force is the ladder under when only 1 side is supported?
  33. what 5 elements make a quint?
    • hose
    • water
    • pump
    • aerial
    • ground ladders
  34. a working knowledge of bldg construction is most essential to performing what duty?
    size up
  35. which roof style is characterized by roof surfaces sloping away from the ridgepole on the sides and the ends of the bldg?
  36. what is true regarding the truss construction on aerial ladders?
    handrails are under tension and base rails are under compression
  37. which is not associated with outside truck ops?
    roof ladder
  38. which design has a GAW between 48,000 and 66,000
    100' aerial device with a tandem rear axle
  39. NFPA 1904 requires an aerial device to support what at the tip?
    250 lbs
  40. lightweight construction is characterized by?
    assembly of multiple members in compression and tension
  41. you are interior on a 2 story single family dwelling that has burned for 15 mins.  what should you expect from the top chord in the truss?
    rafters and joint assembly will fail
  42. which roof is easiest to vent from and provides a strong platform from which to work?
  43. what is not part of interior ops?
    horizontal vent
  44. how much more stopping distance is required on wet concrete vs dry?
    35-40% more
  45. what tactic should be used when responding with 3 or more apparatus?
    offset formation
  46. handrawn carraiges carried what ladder length?
    • 20'
    • 35'
  47. as the speed of a vehicle doubles what happens to stopping distance
  48. which fed agency designs new standards for the outriggers and hydraulics on an aerial
  49. what is the NFPA min. recommended amount of ladders to be carried?
  50. NFPA 1932 recommends checking ladders how often?
    • monthly
    • after each use
  51. when laddering a fire escape, how far should the ladder extend past the railing?
  52. the placement of a smaller ladder inside a larger one is called?
  53. how many exits are minimum for interior crews?
  54. what are the 4 types of walls?
    • party-separate 1 occupancy from the next in condos, etc
    • partition-floor to ceiling
    • division-extend 18-24" through ceiling
    • exterior-
  55. what is the min. equipment for interior ops?
    PPE and radio
  56. what is the typical distance between ceiling joists?
  57. What is the 2 bottle rule?
    If you have gone through 2 30 minute bottles or worked 40 minutes, you need to go to rehab for at least 10 minutes
  58. where does overhaul start?
    near the fire origin
  59. if CO is over __ parts/million, you should consider SCBA during overhaul
  60. how far should overhaul piles be kept from walls?
  61. 3 cubic feet of sawdust can absorb how much water?
    30 gallons
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