1. What are the Primary Active Personal Endings?
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  2. What does the Present Active Indicative verb mean?
    • -Action that normally occurs in the present
    • -Can be either continuous or undefined action
  3. What is the Present Active Indicative Verb made up of?
    Present tense stem + Connecting vowel + Primary Active Personal endings.
  4. What is the tense stem?
    It is the most basic form of the verb in a particular tense. It is left when you remove the connecting vowel and the personal ending. It is what carries the meaning of the verb.
  5. What is the connecting vowel and how do you determine which vowel to use?
    • -Its purpose was to help with pronunciation.
    • -In the indicative mood, if the personal ending begins with mu or nu, the connecting vowel is omicron
    • -In every other case the connecting vowel will be epsilon.
    • -If no personal ending is used, the connecting vowel can be either omicron or epsilon.
  6. What is the function of the personal ending?
    It is added to the connecting vowel to designate person and number.
  7. What are the 2 sets of personal endings called?
    Primary personal endings (used in present tense) and secondary personal endings.
  8. What aspect is the Present Active Indicative?
    It indicates a continuous or undefined action. Choose the aspect that best fits the context. Remember: “Aspect” always takes precedence over” time”.
  9. What “time” is the Present Active Indicative?
    It will generally indicate action occurring in the present time.
  10. Since the personal ending indicates person, why would a personal pronoun sometimes be used in the same sentence?
    • -Emphasis - it adds emphasis (egw agapw = I love – the emphasis is on “I”)
    • -Gender – it is used to clarify the gender.
  11. Fill out the Master Verb Chart for “Present Active”
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  12. akuow can take a direct object in which cases?
    The genitive and the accusative
  13. Pisteuw can take the direct object in which cases?
    Dative and accusative
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